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100% safety training attendance, and zero training-related incidents, means more employees working safely.

A dispersed staff and around the clock operation contributing to low attendance at safety meetings meant Seabord needed a better solution quickly, to maintain their wordclass service.

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Seaboard Transport Group is a North American leader in transportation of bulk petroleum, chemicals, dry goods, food, and refrigerated freight. Seaboard nurtures a strong culture of high standards in safety, environmental stewardship, quality management, education & training, technology, and continuous improvement.

Low meeting attendance and poor compliance tracking was a recipe for disaster

Drivers on the road contributed to low attandance. Plus, compliance tracking was next to impossible as records were stored across spreadsheets and disconnected documentation. Regional managers also maintained their own tracking files, making it difficult for a company-wide view on compliance.

Zero training related incidents plus centralized compliance

With over 1100 trucks on the road, and a complex matrix of equipment and personnel, one of the biggest wins for Seaboard is zero training-related incidents. Shifting to digital training has proven to offer equally effective training compared to in-person.

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Enterprise connectivity sets a higher standard for operational response in a crisis.

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