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What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace is an environment where employees work from anywhere, anytime, on any device. It’s a place where people can collaborate, innovate, and create without boundaries or limitations. This digital environment is made possible with tools like automated forms, checklists and more to support the workforce. McKinsey predicts that by 2025, 80% of organizations will adopt some form of digital workplace. 

Choosing the right digital workplace solutions for your business:

There are several different types of digital workplaces available. They range from simple websites to more complex platforms that offer additional features such as learning management systems, digital form builders, and collaboration.

Before choosing a platform, determine what type of processes you need to support and how much time your team spends on each task. You should also consider what integrations would be beneficial for a productive digital workplace.

Hundreds of processes need employee input. Can you search and find what you need in that data?

Diagram Showing Digital Worklow and Process - iTacit
Paper forms and applications that don’t interact with each other make it a complicated, multi-step process to get critical information from employees. Solve problems like lost or misplaced forms, double entries, handwriting, and traditional paperwork with mobile forms.

Paperless forms are the way of the future. In a digital workforce, you can always receive what you need from your team through a convenient mobile forms app. Streamline the forms collection process and ensure digital compliance across the board.

How to digitize your workforce →

Digital FORM Creation in minutes

Digitize any process or form with a simple digital form builder.

With a simple digital form builder, iTacit digitizes front-line data collection and content, creating a single access point for the front-line. Create digital forms in minutes no matter where you are to gather essential information from your team. 

Utilize simple designs and layouts to engage employees and encourage positive user behavior.


Control form design and layout


Easy to use step-by-step forms


Advanced features to assign forms or automate distribution


Attach documents or photos, direct from a user’s phone


Digital signature field for sign-offs

Delivery Driver out in Field Delivering Boxes from Truck - iTacit

Put the right form in the right hands.

Targeted digital forms mean you can drill down to the specific requirements of each function and access data based on specific roles. Unlike typical form software, digital workplace software for workflows allows for the same targeting as the other tools in iTacit’s system, with deadlines for completion or on-demand digital form availability.

Targeting digital forms is the best way to receive the most useful form data for your needs. Power your digital tools with the most relevant information by role, location, and more.

Target by Role

Target by Location

Target by Department

Target by Division

Employee app with built-in mobile FORMS

Everything. Anywhere. One employee app.

Today, it’s information overload for the average employee. Reduce the noise and get their attention with communications targeted to each employee. The segmentation and targeting options are endless, and the experience is tailored to the individual.

Create a more efficient communications process with personalized digital forms. Stop adding to your team’s inbox and delivery targeted reminders and more directly to your team.

Front Line Delivery Driver Delivering Package with eSignature - iTacit

Snap a photo of the delivered package, completed project, or equipment to be repaired.

Submit forms with a digital signature and also attach PDF documents.

Digitize policies, sign-offs, safety procedures, inspection checklists and more.

Access and edit submitted forms and files in one easy-to-find location. Share submissions with co-workers and managers.


Built-in digital form automation means less time spent chasing down paperwork.

Managers spend too much time ensuring forms are submitted, only to find them incomplete, unreadable or forgotten. iTacit solves these problems with prompts and reminders, delivered directly to employees’ devices. Use digital workplace solutions to ensure your team doesn’t miss deadlines or submit incomplete forms again.

Smart form automation

Required fields and other checks can be put in place to ensure incomplete digital forms are not submitted. This frees up a manager’s time for other important tasks to help your business’s bottom line.


Launch tasks based on triggers like dates and actions

Form automations can be put in place to respond to event triggers, such as dates, actions, or other submissions.


Custom workflows to automate escalations like a manager’s approval

Custom workflows with submissions within the same digital form for multiple personnel (such as team member forms that require a manager’s approval). Once submitted, the digital forms are sent to the relevant recipients simultaneously, avoiding the potential for lost paperwork.

Form automation in the digital workplace → 


Relax: Form Compliance tracking is automatic.

Gain peace of mind with built-in digital compliance checks, whether it’s read receipts on a message or form completions that are tracked automatically. Have the peace of mind that your team is filling out the right information and that it’s stored securely.

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iTacit App Screen Showing how to Track and Audit Form Analytics in Employee App

Track, Audit & Analyze Business data

Put a microscope on your operations with form analytics.

As soon as an employee hits submit on any digital form or checklist, the data and analysis is available in real time. Admin users can see specifics about every submission and export the data into Excel or their company’s BI tool. Easy-to-use analytical tools help transform your powerful forms into actionable insights.


Verify that workers have read, and understood specific policies


Automate regular check-ins with mobile service teams


Report on productivity or identify issues affecting productivity


Monitor KPIs


Export and analyze submissions data


Give your front-line the tools they need:

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