Adapt to the changing workplace with better enterprise communication tools

Businesses need interactive & tailored employee engagement strategies, not bulk communications

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Businesses attract the best talent with better culture, productivity, collaboration and innovation. Get the team invested in success with iTacit.

Employee engagement strategies have evolved beyond the days of company newsletters or email for one-way communications and manual job postings. Today’s leading enterprise businesses are increasingly built on remote workforces, new technology and a global market, but HR, Operations and Communication teams still struggle with a holistic view of employee engagement.

Replace multiple communication systems (intranet, texts or Facebook Messenger) with one platform
Implement more cost-efficient training programs
Meet evolving regulatory and compliance requirements
Reduce turnover and implement an efficient recruiting process
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Go digital in your business with mobile forms for front-line teams

Move past spreadsheets and paper forms with digital forms that your front-line workforce can access directly on their phone. Build new forms and workflows in minutes, without custom software.

Secure Communication Channels

Effectively communicate product and policy changes

Push information to employees through app notifications, direct or targeted communications and a community notice board. Keep teams updated on an ongoing basis with a role-based knowledge and learning center.

Dashboard on iTacit App showing Secure Communication Channels for Enterprise Businesses
iTacit Dashboard showing Notifications in Enterprise LMS System

Learning Management for business

Build corporate community across all locations

Unite various branches and divisions within an online community. Promote a common culture, engagement and social interaction all within your own secure, branded app.

Workflow Automation & Onboarding

Optimize regulatory processes and compliance tracking

Stay on top of evolving regulatory and compliance requirements with team and compliance tracking as well as automated learning paths.


iTacit App Dashboard showing Compliance Tracking for Employees

Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

Scale your workforce and automate training

Enable flexible staffing and continued learning with a fully functional Learning Management System (LMS) and automated learning paths.


Right place, right time communication with enterprise wide digitization of 5000+ paramedics.

Side Profile of Paramedic Using Radio while Driving - iTacit

Medavie Health Services needed better real-time communication to deliver and receive critical information from their deskless front-line staff at a moment’s notice.


Efficiency and speeding up checklist completion


Improved user experience


Consistent compliance and best practices for traceability

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Connect your entire workforce.