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Working With Us

Work is about more than just ‘work’

Our whole business is about building a better work environment and culture. So – we like to think that we practice what we preach with all of our iTacit Careers opportunities.

Working with us is all about growing your career and finding a great work rhythm for you. And – finding your dream team!

Your health comes first

Take care of yourself and your family. We support our team with a comprehensive health benefits plan.

Work-life balance

We know you need time for family, relaxation and fun.

Work flexibility in iTacit Careers

Work where you want. We support remote and hybrid work models.

A culture where your ideas matter

We create space for every voice, and our leadership listens.

iTacit Staff during Staff Meeting


We hope you like cheesy jokes

We’ve got a good sense of humor around here: Whether it’s one of our weekly ‘dad jokes’ in the team meeting or playing washer toss in the park, everyone here knows the value of both loosening up and working hard.

There should always be time in the work day to take a minute, crack a joke and see what everyone’s up to. Join the team (and bring your best puns!)

iTacit Careers Spotlights

What our team has to say about their iTacit Careers

Our people are the ones who know what they do best. So, let’s let them tell you all about what it’s like working here on the day-to-day and highlight their unique experiences.

"I work with an incredible group of people who come to work and put their game face on every single day, giving it their all. Everyone is very passionate about what they're doing."

Luke Megarity

President and COO

"When our clients bring us a problem, we bring them a solution."

Trina Weston

Director of Product Services

"We’re a people-driven company with a team that takes pride in their work"

Sean Eidt
Manager of Accounts & Client Success

"As a company we put people first. We care about each other as colleagues, and go above and beyond to care for our clients."

Gui Richard

Software Developer

We’re always looking for talent – send us your resume to apply for any of our iTacit career postings.