Searchable data from the field with digital form app automation for the ultimate digital workplace solutions.

Revolutionize your digital workplace with iTacit’s mobile forms automation software. Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce manual errors. Our user-friendly electronic form software transforms paper-based tasks into smart digital forms, ensuring seamless workflow integration and real-time data management.

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Smart Form Automation

Implement necessary fields and validation checks to prevent the submission of incomplete digital forms with our form automation software. This saves a manager’s time for more critical tasks, ultimately benefiting your business’s performance.

Initiate Tasks with Specific Triggers

Utilize forms automation that activates in response to various event triggers, including specific dates, actions, or subsequent submissions available through our digital form software.

Tailored Workflows for Automated Escalations

Design custom workflows that facilitate escalations, like a manager’s approval, through submissions in a single digital form accessible to multiple personnel. Upon submission, these forms are instantly dispatched to the appropriate parties, eliminating the risk of misplaced paperwork.

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What is a Form Automation Software?

Form automation software is a modern solution designed to transform paper-based routine into a streamlined, digital experience. Innovative digital form app by iTacit allows businesses to create, manage, and process forms electronically, enhancing efficiency and accuracy across various operational aspects.

With electronic form creation software, routine tasks such as document routing and data entry are transformed from manual to automatic, so accuracy improves significantly as all unnecessary human effort is removed. Electronic form creation solution by iTacit includes advanced features to let users build complex document routing, alleviate data-entry tasks, empower users to manage the completion of forms, easily integrated with user’s workflow and a non-technical, user-friendly way to build electronic forms—all working seamlessly together to create a faster, more consistent process that digital employees will use to enable immediate response and perform their work more productively.

iTacit’s digital form software demonstrates technological evolution, offering a robust solution for smoothing out and enhancing the completions of forms in any business backdrop.

Why to Master the Form Automation



Digital form automation software guarantees maximum accessibility. Workers can access forms to fill out and submit from any device with internet access. This means that forms can be completed and submitted with digital form automation software from the office, ensuring seamless remote work and on-the-go data management.


Automating forms means better data management. With features such as auto validation, reduced errors, and better consumption of data, digital form software can guarantee that your information is thorough and accurate. Effective data management also means enhanced operational effectiveness, meaning that it rests at the center of strategic decision-making and business improvement.


The process of creating, distributing and handling forms via electronic form software is also much faster. This higher agility not only saves valuable time, it can also mean the difference in answering direct business needs–keeping pace with the market and responding to the demands of customers.

A Form Automation Software for Frontline Teams


Form automation solution can be your best tool to manage compliance.

In today’s digital business landscape, keeping pace with compliance is a must. Form automation solution from iTacit delivers advanced digital compliance that makes it easy for your organization to manage the brittle balance of regulations and standards.

iTacit’s digital form software includes automation for compliance tracking, by which managers can automate the complexities of compliance-related forms and implement a more efficient workflow leading to fewer noncompliance penalties.

Compliance tracking takes place as forms are filled out and submitted in the iTacit’s form automation system. Such automation is key for industries where regulatory compliance is mission critical, such as healthcare, finance and manufacturing. The forms are automatically tracked, and any and all records of compliance are automatically recorded. Forms include automatic tracking, so managers can follow the status of a particular form and the systems can send live alerts when compliance isn’t met. That includes any missing- or incomplete forms and up-to-the-second compliance status.

With the iTacit system, your business can have digital compliance that frees you to focus on business innovation, growth, agility and acceleration — the stuff you need to get to the next level.

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Form Automation Solution FAQs

What kind of forms can I create with iTacit’s form automation software?

iTacit’s digital form software allows for the creation of versatile and smart digital forms, aimed at enhancing workplace efficiency and data management. Whether using smart form automation saving time by populating necessary fields or validation checks, customized workflows that automate escalations, or triggers that automatically initiate tasks; the form automation software converts paper-based tasks into connective, electronic forms businesses can share with teams. Our electronic form software is designed for all businesses — such as compliance tracking for healthcare, finance, and manufacturing industries — and it can manage compliance, track submissions, and ensure regulatory adherence for frontline teams or new digital compliance requirements. Flexibility that accurately integrates into your workflows has launched iTacit’s digital form software into a very effective and efficient form automation solution for a business.

Can the forms be easily integrated with other systems (like CRM, ERP, databases)?

Yes, iTacit’s digital form software naturally integrates with various systems outside of the software, such as CRM, ERP, or databases. Integrations are critical for seamless flow of data to different platforms for any organization. The ability to connect outside systems helps keep businesses from spending the time managing and modifying the data without the cost or hassle of switching between systems. This connectivity is essential for business process streamlining to drive operational efficiencies. Without it, it’s too easy to let data become inconsistent across platforms, and with other business leaders needing data collected through forms immediately available and actionable within their other business systems, so decisions can be faster and more informed.

Is it possible to modify or add fields to the forms as our needs change?

Yes, iTacit’s digital form software allows the modification and adding of new fields as your needs change. This flexibility is key to ensuring that the forms remain relevant and effective for your business processes over time. User-friendly interface of our digital forms software makes it simple to customize your forms, and you’ll be able to adapt to changes in business requirements, new projects, regulatory changes or anything else that comes your way. You can add new fields, change existing fields, or apply different validation rules to ensure forms can change with your business.

Can digital forms be optimized for mobile devices?

Yes, iTacit’s digital form app is optimized for mobile devices, giving your users the best possible experience no matter what device they use. Now, your workers can access, fill out, and submit digital forms from any device with internet access—making their jobs not only easier, but more accessible than ever before. This is especially important in today’s constantly changing working environment, where remote work and mobile office solutions are more prevalent than ever before. Best of all? Forms are not only accessible, they are just as functional and easy-to-use as they would be from a desktop form automation solution. So whether you’re setting up a new employee, or tracking the progress of a particular project, you can be confident that your users — and your data — will be treated with the same level of attention and are as accessible as they’ve ever been.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive information?

Secure data storage ensures all data collected through the forms is stored securely to protect against both unauthorized access and breaches. Your data is also encrypted both at rest and in transit for added protection, ensuring that your data stays secure from the first moment you capture it to the last moment you use it. In addition to secure data storage and data encryption, iTacit’s digital forms software is also GDPR compliant — meaning your system will be up to date with the newest regulations and standards regarding the collection and storage of personal and sensitive information. By combining secure data storage, data encryption and GDPR compliance, iTacit’s form automation solution has shown a commitment to ensuring that your forms and sensitive information are as secure as they can possibly be.