Franchise learning management system for employee training

Enhance your employee development with our franchise learning management system (LMS). iTacit’s franchise LMS platform offers an all-in-one solution to empower your workforce with educational content and resources to foster continuous growth. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, your employees can seamlessly access training courses and learning materials anytime, from anywhere, and with any device.

The importance of franchise LMS software in employee training?


A franchise learning management system is a software application specifically designed to help a franchise manage their employees’ training and skill development needs. A franchise LMS simplifies your employee training process to improve engagement during training and enhance skill retention. An LMS for franchise would also allow organizations to easily and accurately monitor the progress of their training programs, so they can provide feedback to individual employees and adjust their training programs when needed. Managers can leverage the franchise LMS to monitor the skill levels of their staff to help make informed decisions to promote development.

A franchise LMS also enables employees to access their learning resources and training modules from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, making learning more convenient and accessible.

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Choosing the right franchise learning management system for your employees:

Having effective employee training is critical for the growth of any company, and a suitable franchise learning management system can help you facilitate this. A franchise LMS can help organizations manage all aspects of employee training, from course creation to employee onboarding to continuous monitoring of progress.

When selecting a franchise LMS, there are many factors to consider. You should clearly define your employee learning objectives. Identify what skills/knowledge your employees have to acquire (or improve). The idea is to choose a franchise LMS that aligns with these objectives. Also, make sure the LMS for franchise is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and accessible for both administrators and learners. It is essential to ensure the franchise LMS is scalable and can accommodate your current and future workforce as your organization grows. Lastly, evaluate the manufacturer’s level of customer support and the training resources/knowledge base provided.

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Tackling the common employee training challenges

Struggling to develop an effective training program for your team? Want to update your outdated training materials but don’t know where to start?

You are definitely not the only organization facing these challenges, and upgrading to a scalable franchise LMS can be your solution. Our franchise LMS solution is designed with online and mobile learning in mind.

To be effective in today’s busy working environment, the employee learning program should be easy to access from anywhere, quick to consume, engaging and interactive but most importantly, relevant to their job’s role and specific goals. Our franchise LMS can deliver accessible and completely personalized learning experiences for each employee.

Invest in your team’s bright future and upgrade your employees’ training with our comprehensive franchise LMS.

Transform employee training with next-gen franchise LMS

Tired of ineffective and outdated training programs?

Regardless of whether you are managing a small business or a large franchise, our franchise LMS platform can provide an engaging and personalized learning experience for all your employees, no matter the role or skill level.

Our powerful course-creation tools can help you easily craft and deliver effective training programs that are relevant to your business needs, and our robust analytics tools can allow you to measure their effectiveness and impact on performance.

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LMS Course Authoring

Create engaging and personalized courses with iTacit’s Franchise LMS authoring tool

iTacit’s content editor is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily create engaging and motivating courses for your team. On the editor, you can upload text, images, videos, and links with ease, without any coding required.

With iTacit’s authoring tool, you can also add gamification elements to your courses to make them more enjoyable, interactive, and engaging. Our authoring tools are also SCORM-compliant, so you can seamlessly integrate external training courses or incorporate third-party content into your courses to provide a comprehensive training experience.

Advanced Features for Frontline Workforce Training

Discover how iTacit’s franchise LMS can enhance your frontline workforce training in your variety of training needs, from employee onboarding to mandatory training to compliance tracking. Our robust features are designed to keep your workforce engaged in their training by ensuring a convenient and enjoyable learning experience, improving skill retention, and enhancing performance.

LMS Mobile App

Communication Features

Course Tracking

Learning Paths

SCORM Compliant

Asynchronous Learning

Quizzes, Tests & Gamification

Built-in Course Authoring

Course Management

Compliance Training & Tracking

Certification Management

Blended Learning

LMS Platform for Microlearning and On-Demand Employee Training - iTacit

Mobile LMS Microlearning Platform

Empower your team with personalized on-demand microlearning

To make sure your employees can always learn, even on their busiest days, it’s important to provide skill-building content in a way that’s easy to consume.

iTacit’s mobile-first franchise LMS platform will allow you to provide bite-sized training modules that are personalized and relevant to your employees’ needs. This approach has been shown to improve skill retention rates, improving the effectiveness of your training program.

Also, creating new microlearning courses will be much faster and easier, so you can continuously update your training program to meet your organization’s ever-evolving needs.

Streamline your employee onboarding process by making sure your training content is always accessible from anywhere and on any device.

eCommerce LMS Integration

Effortless payment processing with integrated payment system

Collecting payments for courses and certifications has never been more seamless with iTacit’s integrated payment options. You can charge employees for access to certain certifications or training modules. This can help offset the cost of your training program to help you maintain it.

Leverage your high-quality training content by selling it to other organizations or individuals.
Employees are more likely to be engaged and complete the training courses they have paid for. Allow them to attach vouchers and promo codes if needed. Integrated payments make it easy to budget for your training costs and keep track of your expenses.

iTacit allows you to process payments through Stripe for seamless and easy payments, keeping the learning process uninterrupted.

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Track employee progress and keep them motivated

Engage and remind with automatic prompts

No matter how good your training program is, it’s only effective when your team actively uses it.

Our franchise LMS makes it easy for you to send automatic reminders and prompts to keep your employees engaged, all personalized to each employee’s specific needs and preferences.

Track employee progress and keep them motivated

Our robust analytics and reporting features make it easy for you and your managers to keep track of each employee’s progress, or you can set up reporting for mandated training. Built-in traceability and analytics allow you to gain insights into your training program’s ROI and continuously optimize your team’s skill development initiative.

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“The user interface is extremely intuitive; The system has an integrated authoring tool and also handles SCORM really well; Leaders within the organization are able to track and manage their team’s training requirements in real time; The built-in reports are easy to use and reporting data is easy to extract into external dashboards.”


Ben Hunter
Manager, EMP Education Programs


Real employers, real experiences.

It takes more than just a great employee LMS to create a productive, efficient workplace and better employee experience – it takes great people. Read how iTacit has been put to work across various industries.

Compliance Training LMS

Ensuring comprehensive compliance

Ensuring the traceability of your team’s training goes beyond just tracking course completions.

You can also audit read receipts on messages and run detailed usage reports to monitor all employee activities within the training program. iTacit’s franchise LMS takes a comprehensive approach to guarantee that your team is maximizing the benefits of their compliance training at all times.

Mobile-first learning platform

Flexible and intuitive apps for iOS and Android ensure all employees can train anywhere, anytime on their own devices.

All-in-one front-line franchise LMS

The ultimate employee training solution with robust built-in features. A centralized hub for all employees to access their training modules, skill development resources, and more.

Targeting by role, location, or division.

Reach employees with personalized training, communication, and forms specific to their role. Rich segmentation and targeting options. Personalized courses ensure all employees are engaged and motivated throughout their training programs.


iTacit’s franchise LMS follows all the industry-relevant security standards and regulations, with state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures. Stay worry-free about data privacy and security, and focus on delivering the best possible training program.

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