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Meet the iTacit Team

We connect employees to their company and make their workday easier.

iTacit is a workforce management platform used by over 150,000 employees across 600-plus sites.


Whether teams are on the front-line or in the office, iTacit increases compliance and makes work more efficient.


Implementing automated forms, workflows, training, messaging, and resource sharing into a single access hub, iTacit is revolutionizing how employees connect to critical tools, skills, and the rest of their organization, wherever they are, with its mobile workforce management platform.

Meet Our Leaders

Luke Megarity

President and Chief Operations Officer

Tanya Harris

Director of Operations

Nicholas Hamming

Director of Technology
and Infrastructure

Trina Weston

Director of
Product Services

Teri Maltais

Director of

Tracey DeLay

Senior Sales Executive

Sean Eidt

Sean Eidt

Manager of Accounts and Client Success

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A mobile workforce management platform that meets the needs of front-line workforces.