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There’s a better way for logistics and transportation companies to train and communicate with their drivers and warehouse employees.

A logistics and transportation communication and training software for better safety, compliance, and performance.

Logistics and Transportation Software

Streamline your logistics and transportation operations with iTacit’s software.

Logistics and transportation companies face complex challenges in training and communicating with drivers and warehouse employees dispersed across various locations. Traditional training methods are often costly, time-consuming, and result in low attendance rates. iTacit’s logistics software and transportation software solutions empower your organization to tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring employees have the necessary skills, adhere to safety compliance requirements, and are ready for action.

Transform Your Logistics and Transportation Operations with iTacit’s Software:


Boost safety meeting attendance through seamless mobile access and SSO login.


Simplify compliance management by replacing paper-based records with user-friendly, centralized reporting.


Minimize risk and accidents due to insufficient training or knowledge gaps.


Cut onboarding and training costs by eliminating the need for employee travel.


Standardize driver training and ensure consistent, high-quality performance across your entire fleet.


Drive up mandatory and voluntary training enrollments for optimal employee performance.


Enhance driver onboarding with a structured, repeatable process using our advanced transportation software.

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Logistics and Transportation Form Automation

Efficiently gather compliance data and streamline processes directly from your drivers and warehouse employees.

Whether your goal is to digitize employee data from each route or to fully digitalize your operation’s HR processes, iTacit’s built-in form builder and automation workflows are tailored for the logistics and transportation industry. Enhance efficiency and accuracy on the road and in the warehouse with our comprehensive software solutions.

24/7 Access to Training and Resources

Uninterrupted access to training and resources with our logistics and transportation software.

Guarantee that all drivers and warehouse employees have the necessary skills, irrespective of their geographic location. With an advanced logistics and transportation software, employees can access crucial training materials and resources 24/7 from any device, ensuring they remain well-prepared and informed at all times. Empower your workforce with our comprehensive software solutions, specifically designed for the logistics and transportation industry.

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Integrated Compliance Management

Maintain adherence to health, safety regulations, and industry standards..

With the built-in compliance features in our logistics and transportation software, managers can effortlessly monitor compliance and send reminders to drivers from any location, at any time. With easy access to centralized reporting and customizable dashboards, safety leaders can make well-informed decisions, monitor progress, and continuously improve safety performance culture across the organization.

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Elevate Transportation Training and Onboarding

Unleash the power of cost-effective, consistent, and streamlined training.

Minimize training expenses and guarantee consistency among all employees using our digital training platform. Our transportation training software eliminates the need for employee travel, ensuring standardized and consistent training across the board. Additionally, enhance your onboarding process with a structured, repeatable approach that promotes uniformity and minimizes errors. A seamless onboarding process guarantees that all new drivers and warehouse employees receive the same high-quality training and information.

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Cross training and upskilling to improve driver retention.

Cross-training plays a critical role in retaining drivers, as it equips them with a diverse skill set, and fosters a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. By boosting non-mandatory training participation using our user-friendly digital training platform, employees can conveniently access and complete training modules in easily digestible segments at their own pace. Driver cross-training leads to increased scheduling flexibility and operational efficiency, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your organization. Choose iTacit’s logistics software to engage your workforce and unlock their full potentials.


100% safety training attendance & zero training-related workplace incidents 

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Seaboard Transport Group is a North American leader in transportation of bulk petroleum, chemicals, dry goods, food, and refrigerated freight. Seaboard nurtures a strong culture of high standards in safety, environmental stewardship, quality management, education & training, technology, and continuous improvement.


All employee training records, licenses, and certifications are centralized in a digital hub, accessible in seconds


Training costs are down for onboarding and training, saving on transportation, lodging, and space rental.

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