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The employee engagement platform that transforms the technology side of your employee experience

Take complete control of every interaction your employees have with your company. An easy-to-use employee engagement software makes it easier for your front-line to get the job done, all while engaging everyone on a whole new level.

Engage every employee from day one

Use automated workflows to pre-onboard and onboard your new hires. Improve team engagement from the start.

Manage EX at every step

Leverage tools like journey mapping and surveys to shape the employee experience and company culture.

Launch voice of employee surveys

Gather accurate Voice of Employee (VoE) data with surveys to keep a pulse on employee satisfaction.

Keep teams happy and motivated

Use team engagement software to reinforce morale, boost mental health, and improve employee retention.

What is employee engagement software?

Software for employee engagement helps companies improve productivity and employee satisfaction by making employees feel valued and appreciated. Employee engagement management software also helps managers understand how well their team members are performing and provides feedback on how to better motivate and engage workers.

With front-line employee engagement software, you can improve employee engagement throughout every step of their journey. From onboarding to receiving employee feedback, the right employee engagement software gives your team a holistic suite of tools to help keep your team engaged and heard.

Here’s how to choose employee engagement platform for your business:

Of course, not all employee engagement software is created equal.

There are several different digital employee engagement platforms available for employee engagement software. These programs range from simple workforce engagement management tools that allow managers to send messages or surveys to employees to more complex solutions with performance reporting, real-time feedback and analytics.

Once you decide which type of employee engagement software will work best for your business, you’ll need to select one that meets your needs. You should consider these questions when choosing a team engagement software: What do you want to achieve?

Who will use the app? Will you use the app yourself? What feedback do you require?

Do you want to improve employee engagement for a remote workforce? Or is your focus on promoting a better work life balance for frontline staff?

By answering these questions, you can find the best software for employee engagement for your needs.


Engage employees on their first day – and every day.

Automated HR Forms

Make it easier on the documentation side of onboarding with digital sign-offs. Make it easier to onboard employees who are working remotely and more.

Training paths

New hires get the training they need assigned over time, lowering the risk of information overload. Keep remote employees engaged with their training and ensure compliance without overwhelming them.


Leverage social intranet and messaging features to keep the feedback loop moving. Your employee engagement solution should utilize employee feedback to make continuous improvements.

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From journey mapping & retention to effective management

Employee journey maps are a crucial initial step and help to visualize the overall employee experience. Even with a detailed employee journey map, though, the experience has to be managed.

With the right employee engagement management software, hitting the highs of the journey and avoiding the lows is more possible than ever. Understand how your employees are feeling so you can make improvements to their experience in real-time.


The practical guide to Employee Experience

Written by Gil Cohen, Founder of Employee Experience Design

How do you measure employee experience?

How do you improve employee experience?


It’s true: ‘You can’t change what you can’t measure’

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Voice of Employee (VoE) surveys accurately measure employee experience to help you understand how employees feel and what they’re looking for. Use this employee feedback to make changes to improve employee experiences along with retention.

Workforce engagement management tools that are just easier.

Email-Free Messaging

Social Intranet

Flexible Surveys

Pulse Polls

Robust Targeting

Reports & Insights

Anonymous Surveys

Mobile and Desktop Access

Digital Notice Board

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EX for the individual: From better mental health to boosted morale

When employees are healthy, feel secure, motivated and satisfied, they naturally bring their best work to the office – and take their best self back home after the shift is over. The right employee engagement tracking software understands employee wellbeing and improved productivity go hand in hand.


Give your front-line the tools they need:

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