Benefits of Positive Employee Engagement Solutions For Individuals

Updated: Apr 10, 2024 | Published Mar 30, 2021

While the benefits coming from strong employee engagement are unique to each organization’s case and needs, the positives for the individuals – employees – are unique in how they impact their personal situations.

Of course, how to get employees engaged is easier said than done. That’s why we are going to cover tips for how to keep employees engaged and motivated so you can reap the benefits of an engaged workforce.

Everyone prioritizes different parts of their life, and so with employee engagement solutions affecting different parts of this ‘human’ employee experience differently, here’s how and why individuals perform at their best when they’re happier with a positive employee experience.

How is employee engagement different for individuals?

The bricks that build up great employee engagement and employee experience (EX) can be both key business priorities and smaller, more niche benefits.

Think back to your last position, or even your current job: What did you mention first when asked ‘what do you like most about your company?’.

Chances are, you didn’t respond with sales numbers, branch locations and more. Instead, we prioritize things that impact us personally. We think about what we bring home each day, mentally and physically, and how our experience at work helps us enjoy our day-to-day and extracurricular activities.

That being said, there are also common themes among the best and most popular employee engagement solutions. For instance, the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently reported that work/life balance is one of the most important concerns for employees. This need can manifest in several ways, including the desire for flexible hours, paid time off, and remote work.

The best employee engagement benefits to address this depends on the needs of your employees and your business in the long term. While remote work may not be a possibility for your team, offering flexible hours could help improve employee engagement.

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What should the best employee engagement solutions focus on?

Above everything else, employee engagement solutions providers should keep employees’ quality of life in the front of their minds. Not all employee engagement solutions are created equal, but a focus on improving quality of life is sure to appeal to the majority of employees and lead to higher engagement.

While this may seem vague or loosely defined, it’s more important that employee engagement solutions providers take away this: Quality of life ties the different priorities of employee engagement together, and is how the employee experience is measured by individuals.

There are many factors that affect a workplace’s quality of life and employee engagement. Let’s explore those in more detail along with ways you can increase company morale among your team.

How to Increase Employee Engagement

When looking to experience the benefits of engaged employees there are some main pillars that management can focus on to really see engagement levels increase, especially in the remote workplace.

Here are three factors that affect a workplace’s quality of life and employee engagement:

Employee mental health:

The workplace can be both a promoter and detractor for mental health. The Mental Health Commission of Canada notes that employment helps us feel productive and fulfilled, but that the office tends to become stressful at times.

They note that approximately 70% of Canadians are “concerned about the psychological health and safety of their workplace”, proving that mental health is one of the things employees value most.

How much support employers or employee engagement solution providers offer definitely impacts the mental health of employees, too. This study shows that employees feel more healthy mentally when their company speaks about mental health openly and supportively.

Feeling positive and happy at work boosts productivity, lowers sickness-related absences and sharpens employees’ attention to detail, making their work feel more rewarding for both them and their company.

Boosting employee morale

While morale is more of a team-wide metric, teams are made up of individuals, after all – teamwork is valued heavily in the workplace, making or breaking a job for many. When we get a chance to get to know our coworkers and produce great results with them, morale gets a healthy boost.

Ample opportunities for collaboration and trust-building are key to building up morale. Additionally, ensuring that the employee engagement solution has tools/channels for great communication between teams will form a more positive experience overall and lead to happy employees.

Also contributing to morale, plugging incentives into the employee experience can keep employees aligned and engaged while they’re working by themselves or as teams. But incentives can’t just be thrown into the mix: They need to be targeted, improving a specific part of employees’ experience so they add to quality of life.

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Increase employee satisfaction

If mental health and morale are factors tied to specifics like support and teamwork, satisfaction is a product of employee engagement solutions that has its hands in many parts of the employee experience.

In order to have a satisfied workplace, employees need to feel motivated. Motivators like the chance to grow, learn, develop new skills and progress upward can help individuals feel that their company is doing more than just engaging them, instead, also offering ways for them to excel at other areas of their life (and future positions), too. Employee recognition is equally important to their satisfaction and can be as simple as calling out a team member for a job well done.

Organizations and providers should prioritize these motivators, as they strengthen workforce resilience and retention throughout the employee lifecycle, as well.

Which employee engagement tools are best?

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Finding the best employee engagement solution for your business can feel overwhelming at first. Especially because, as we mentioned, it can vary by individual. To truly understand the best employee engagement strategy for your team, it’s important to rely on employee feedback and survey tools.

According to SHRM, organization responsiveness to employee feedback leads to higher retention rates, lower absenteeism, improved productivity, better customer service, and higher employee morale. Implementing employee engagement surveys can help you better understand your team’s attitude and wants, and provide you a chance to strengthen company culture.

Using employee surveys is a great first step in finding the best employee engagement platform or employee engagement program for your team.

Advantages of employee engagement solutions

The benefits of employee engagement solutions are vast. Perhaps the greatest benefit of utilizing a software solution to increase employee morale is that it allows you to take an individualized approach to engagement.

While you can also use tech to collect surveys and enact benefits to boost employee morale, like flexible work hours, on a company-wide level, things can also be personalized. Employees can find teachings and take classes to help advance their careers whenever it’s convenient for them. These learnings can be easily accessed no matter where they are so they can take courses at their own pace.

Using an employee engagement solution allows you to target employee engagement at both a high and personalized level. It connects your workforce and builds a sense of community while also treating your employees as individuals.

Engaged individuals have a more rewarding experience

Employee engagement solutions benefit the whole organization as a rule, but for the individual employees they can bring many particular positives.

When employees are healthy, feel secure, motivated and satisfied, they naturally bring their best work to the office – and take their best self back home after the shift is over.

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Are you ready to experience the benefits of employee engagement at your organization? It’s never too early – or too late – to learn how to increase employee engagement with the right solution at your fingertips.

When your business is on the lookout for the best employee engagement software, you can trust iTacit. Our employee engagement platform puts everything your employees need to do their job in one place.

iTacit takes a holistic approach to communications to enhance the digital employee experience. Your employees can benefit from mail-free messages, training, a social intranet, digital forms app, checklists and more right at their fingertips through our employee experience management platform.

Engage your employees with streamlined communication and manage the EX at every state of the employee lifecycle.

Request a demo today and learn how iTacit’s employee engagement solution can benefit your organization.

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Employee engagement digital handbook

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Want help connecting your front-line?

iTacit’s team of experts is here to help connect the dots so that your front-line team is engaged, trained and ready to work.

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