Microlearning Software is the Future of Training.

Don’t settle for outdated training modules and complicated technology. Microlearning app empowers your team to learn in short bursts no matter where they are and have a more personalized and relevant training experience.

Microlearning Software is the Future of Training

Enhance Engagement

Put bite-sized chunks of skill-building content into the hands of your employees. When employees can engage with training courses on the go from anywhere, they’re more likely to complete them.

Create Compelling Content

Training development can be more responsive with our microlearning platform because it takes less time to create new, personalized courses. Plus, employees can easily scan for topics and have a more relevant training experience tailored to their position and career goals.

Improve Recall and Retention

Recall and retention is higher when employees can engage with microlearning content on their own time. Learning in short bursts is more effective than long training sessions.

How to Master the Microlearning Method

What is a Microlearning Platform?

A microlearning platform brings all your training materials together online with a focus on short, focused training content. Online microlearning platform can deliver bite-sized learning content in easily digestible chunks. Employees can easily find training content relevant to their needs and complete courses in a short amount of time, typically 5-10 minutes.

At the same time, managers can create microlearning courses tailored to the needs of their team and easily upload them to the platform.

Microlearning software is the best way to improve learner engagement and help employees retain information. It’s the future of mobile learning that your organization can begin taking advantage of today!

How to Master the Microlearning Method



Microlearning caters to our naturally short attention spans. Keep content courses relatively short and focused so they can be completed by team members in under 10 minutes.


Ensure every employee can easily access course content no matter where they are. A microlearning app makes it easy for them to complete courses on the go.


Utilize a content creation tool to keep content relevant to your employees. Content should be targeted to their role, training needs, and career goals.

A Microlearning Platform for Frontline Teams


Microlearning apps can be your best asset for training and onboarding new employees.

Microlearning isn’t just for training your current employees. Delivering engaging and digestible content to your teams is incredibly beneficial during the training and onboarding process.

A user-friendly mobile microlearning app where employees can access learning courses is a valuable resource for new employees. It’s easier than ever to deliver targeted, just-in-time training to team members who need it the most.

Microlearning platforms can provide employees with the upfront training and resources they need in the first few weeks on the job. Then, it can continue to be used to provide ongoing training and support to employees to ensure they’re up to date with the latest certifications and knowledge they need for their role.

Make onboarding and training an enjoyable process for everyone involved. The right online microlearning platform can help improve employee engagement, increase retention rates, and reduce training costs across the board.

Make onboarding and training an enjoyable process for everyone involved.

Microlearning Platform FAQs

What’s the difference between eLearning and microlearning?

Traditional eLearning courses are much longer and cover a broad range of topics. eLearning can be a great way to help employees with overarching training but often isn’t as specific as microlearning. On the other hand, microlearning is designed for learning in short bursts. Content is shorter and more focused, and can be completed on the go in our microlearning platform.

How can microlearning be effectively integrated into existing training and development programs?

To effectively integrate microlearning into your existing training and development programs, start by identifying the key topics or skills that can be broken down into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Then, create short, focused modules that can be easily accessed and completed by employees in iTacit’s microlearning software.

Consider using a variety of formats, such as videos, quizzes, and interactive activities, to keep learners interested. Finally, track and measure the effectiveness of your microlearning program to ensure that it is meeting your training goals and objectives.

What are some common microlearning formats and delivery methods?

Microlearning can take many forms, such as videos, podcasts, infographics, quizzes, and interactive simulations. The content is designed to be easily accessible and digestible in short bursts of time, ultimately making learning more convenient and engaging for learners, while also improving retention and knowledge transfer.

While microlearning can be delivered through any number of methods including email, social media and apps, a learning management system with built in tracking and targeting is preferred as it can administer a more holistic knowledge program.