Everything WORK in one place.

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Connect frontline employees to everything they need. 

More than just an internal communications tool, iTacit puts email-free messages, training, a social intranet, digital forms, checklists and more into the hands of your frontline with our employee experience platform.

What it does:

This isn’t your average employee engagement platform. iTacit takes a holistic approach to communications to enhance the digital employee experience.


Fix a disconnected workforce with a unified, app-enabled communication platform to support team collaboration at its finest. This is the workforce communications platform for remote teams, front-line employees, and everyone in between.

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Ensure your workforce is ready to work with the right skills for the job. Everything your employees need to learn and grow on one easy-to-navigate employee experience platform.

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Manage employee engagement at every stage in the employee lifecycle. Easily accomplish digital workforce management from one place no matter where you are.

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Work smarter and faster with paperless forms and checklists that automate any process. Streamline your digital workplace services on your employee experience platform.

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Retain & reignite
your frontline.

Effective communication with your front-line workforce is key to your success. It gives them the tools and learning opportunities that lead to employee satisfaction and long-term success.

Connect your teams with the latest updates and company news, build the right skills, meet compliance requirements and collect form information, all from your digital employee experience platform.

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Place learning at the core of your company.

Many employee engagement tools focus on siloed operations – instant messaging, survey tools, video conferencing, and support services all existing in different apps. Not only does this lead to cluttered desktops, but it does little to improve employee engagement across the board.

iTacit takes a new approach to digital transformation by putting learning at the core of the employee experience. Learning is the foundation of iTacit’s employee experience platform, and is complimented by a digital workplace suite to enhance your team’s engagement.

Work smarter with paperless forms and checklists.

Move your business forward with an employee experience platform that does more – like built-in form automation for a mobile, digital workplace.

Better internal communication tools for managers.

Challenged by a large front-line workforce and multiple teams working together? If your business and customer success relies on a skilled workforce, you already get the challenges of segmenting communication, managing compliance records and more.

From a single platform, iTacit puts complete visibility and management control at your fingertips.

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Digital workplace management made easy.

This is the employee engagement solution for every company. Consider the employee experience platform the hub for everything your team needs to conduct training, learn new skills, and communicate. Your team can access everything they need from any device, anytime, anywhere to improve engagement and streamline workplace management.

This is the digital workforce management of the 21st century. 


Connect with your front-line workforce:

Simplify day-to-day communications and operations
Automate training and compliance processes
Connect your team and build your culture across all locations

Onboard new employees with workflow automation

Boost employee engagement with interactive feedback

Collect employee data without manual or paper-based processes

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Replace multiple systems with your own branded workplace app.

Grappling with multiple systems, social networks, one time training courses, notice boards, stale intranet, texts, Facebook Messenger, or worse, the status quo of no system?

iTacit puts all the tools in one place to hire, onboard, train and conduct day-to-day operations; reaching employees – where they already are – on their device from your company-branded app.

Streamline your internal communications strategy with one app that can do it all.

The digital workplace platform that matches your needs:

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Fix a disconnected workforce with better communication

Popular Features

  • Role-based Messages
  • Social Feed & Polls
  • Document Library
  • Usage Reports


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Ensure your workforce is ready to work with the right job skills

Popular Features

  • LMS
  • Course Authoring
  • Learning Paths
  • Compliance Tracking

Includes ‘Connect’

icon representing employee engagement | iTacit


Manage a workforce at every employee lifecycle stage

Popular Features

  • Careers & Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Surveys
  • Performance Reviews

Includes ‘Connect’ & 'Educate'

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Work smarter with paperless forms and workflow automation

Popular Features

  • Form Builder
  • Task Management
  • Workflows
  • Data Export & API

Includes Everything

Why iTacit?

Not all employee experience platforms are created equal. At iTacit, we strive to connect employees to their work, not just their communication feed.

Having evolved from a learning management platform, learning is at the core of iTacit. The built-in training, digital forms, and management tools put iTacit’s employee experience platform deeper into your organization’s core operations to create sustainable, long-term change.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what people are saying about their experience with iTacit’s digital employee experience platform.

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iTacit Recognized as a Top Digital Workforce Platform