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Every frontline workplace needs a platform that seamlessly integrates training into daily routines, making learning accessible, relevant, and interactive. And, you need a system that allows managers and team leaders visibility while keeping in compliance. With iTacit you can transform your frontline training experience.

Inclusive training software for the frontline from day one.

iTacit supports the entire employee lifecycle, ensuring that staff not only meets current job requirements from the start but also prepares the frontline for future roles and challenges. From onboarding & compliance management to upskilling and reskilling, iTacit helps frontline employees succeed with personalized learning paths tailored to their roles.

Plus – it enables easy tracking of progress and certifications for managers, which is crucial for high-compliance industries where regulatory proof is critical. By focusing on personalized development and compliance management, iTacit will transform your workplace.

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And the best part? Your frontline won’t even need a company email.

You bet! iTacit is specifically taylored to the frontline where workers are without a company email or device making it nearly impossible to stay in the loop. Your employees will feel at home with an intuitive interface they’ll love and Single-Sign-On (SSO) simplifies the user experience.

Our training platform makes sure your workers have access to essential training materials- even from their personal devices. Frontline work is hard. Workers are busy, on their feet, solving complex challenges daily so training needs to be frictionless.

Plus – iTacit simplifies training assignments, giving frontline the teams flexibility to train on their own terms.

Inclusive training software for the frontline from day one.

iTacit supports the entire employee lifecycle, ensuring that staff not only meets current job requirements from the start but also prepares the frontline for future roles and challenges. From onboarding & compliance management to upskilling and reskilling, iTacit helps frontline employees succeed with personalized learning paths tailored to their roles.

Plus – it enables easy tracking of progress and certifications for managers, which is crucial for high-compliance industries where regulatory proof is critical. By focusing on personalized development and compliance management, iTacit will transform your workplace.

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Collaborate with a team that’s trusted for customer support and value.

iTacit is the only learning platform that puts the frontline first.

Personalized learning paths & compliance training

Empower your frontline employees by creating personalized learning paths that match their specific roles. Effortlessly monitor their progress and certifications, an especially valuable feature for industries with high compliance demands where providing regulatory evidence is crucial.

Mobile, easy to use and intuitive catered to the frontline

Learners want training that’s easy to access, quick to complete, interactive and – most importantly – relevant to their job. iTacit helps organizations upgrade their workforce’s training management and LMS for employee training software with a system that integrates training into daily routines,

Simple course-builder and eLearning integration

From a simple drag and drop content editor, integrations and a built-in communication platform, the iTacit LMS is the only front-line digital workplace platform that puts learning at the core. iTacit is a fully featured eLearning software with features such as microlearning, messaging, analytics, eCommerce and course authoring.

Everything you need from employee training software

Rather than utilizing a variety of disparate employee training solutions, iTacit puts everything you need for employee training, development, and compliance in one place. The all-in-one employee training app streamlines onboarding and training no matter where your team is working from.

Learning Management System (LMS)
A full-featured LMS, iTacit supports courses using SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, PowerPoint, HTML, Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Audio, Video & PDF. Employee training software puts all the tools and learning content your team needs to grow at their fingertips. Easily implement mobile employee training and track the training process for each individual.

Course Authoring
Create training content with a drag-and-drop content editor. Text, image, links, external training sources and video content can be easily formatted and previewed before publishing. Employees can easily access these online courses from anywhere.

Automated Learning Paths
Set up learning paths for specific user groups (roles, job positions, department, groups) with automatic enrolment to facilitate onboarding, annual mandatory training, and other recurring training. Improve engagement with employee training programs by offering role-based training and more.

eCommerce Integration
Add revenue and offset the cost of content with iTacit’s eCommerce functionality. Targeting can configure which paid courses and learning platforms are visible for employees depending on their role, location, or business unit. Optimize your training methods while keeping budget in mind,

Team and Compliance Tracking
See which employees are compliant and up-to-date with a built-in training tracker. Managers can also enroll team members and send an automated or manual training reminder message. Employee onboarding training software with compliance tracking streamlines this often tedious process and sets employees up for success.

Canned and Ad Hoc Reporting
Gain insight into all training and compliance information by training course, training program, role, job position, and department. Engage users with gamification and quizzes to make training employees more enjoyable for everyone involved.

File Viewer/Player
All images, videos, audio files, and documents are available in a central repository. Updating files in the media library will update all media references in training courses. Employee training software is a breeze to update so training can be continuous.

Supports Blended Learning
Users can experience all types of learning without compromise from a single employee training app. Waitlists, attendance tracking, and an LMS app help facilitate in-person and mobile-first training, all stored in a single transcript for easy access.

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FAQ about iTacit for Frontline Training

What is a frontline LMS?

A frontline LMS (Learning Management System) is a powerful tool designed to streamline training for your frontline employees. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, it helps you deliver essential knowledge, updates, and skill development in a way that’s easily accessible for your busy team.
  • Continuous learning: Frontline training solutions support ongoing training, from onboarding to compliance updates. Facilitating an agile and competitive team.
  • Improved efficiency: It centralizes training resources, tracks progress, and provides feedback – saving you time and effort.
  • A key to growth: Investing in employee development through a frontline LMS helps prevent stagnation and drives overall success.

What makes iTacit better for frontline staff?

iTacit isn’t just another learning platform. We offer a training software that’s been built with frontline workers in mind, from day one with powerful compliance management. iTacit has been trusted by frontline staff across numerous industries, and we’ve collaborated closely with frontline workforce leaders to fine-tune and customize our software. Born out of the necessity for agility, mobility, and accessibility, iTacit is a trusted day-to-day training companion for frontline staff.

How does iTacit help with compliance for frontline training?

iTacit simplifies compliance management by offering customizable training modules, progress tracking, and comprehensive record-keeping. With iTacit, organizations can ensure frontline staff receive the necessary training to meet industry regulations and easily keep up to date with certification.

What is a frontline LMS used for in employee training?

A frontline LMS (Learning Management System) is a specialized platform designed to streamline training for frontline workers. Here’s what it does:
  • Centralizes training resources: It offers a single hub for all training materials (videos, documents, quizzes, etc.), providing easy access for busy frontline employees.
  • Delivers mobile-friendly learning: A frontline LMS ensures training is accessible on smartphones and tablets, letting employees learn on the go or during downtime.
  • Tracks progress and performance: Managers can monitor employee completion of training modules, assess knowledge through quizzes, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Facilitates skill development: By providing continuous learning opportunities, a frontline LMS helps employees develop new skills, stay updated on procedures, and excel in their roles.
In short, a frontline LMS ensures essential training is completed and documented, enabling your frontline workers to make fewer errors and perform better.

How do you select the ideal frontline LMS for employee training?

Choosing the right frontline LMS allows you to streamline all aspects of employee training, from crafting engaging onboarding modules to fostering continuous skill development. Here are key considerations to guide your selection:
Functionality – Matching Needs and Features: Identify the functionalities that align perfectly with your current training goals. While feature-rich frontline LMS platforms offer a vast array of tools (microlearning, social learning elements, in-depth analytics, and comprehensive reporting), a simpler solution might suffice if your primary focus is delivering core training materials. Regardless of complexity, ensure the frontline LMS offers user-friendly course creation tools or a library of pre-built content that aligns with your industry and compliance requirements.
Scalability and Future-proofing – Investing in Growth: Consider your long-term training vision. Will your employee training needs expand in the foreseeable future? Selecting a scalable frontline LMS software ensures you have the flexibility to adapt and add functionalities as your program evolves. A robust LMS can accommodate the addition of new features, increased user volumes, and more complex training curriculums.
User Experience and Content Delivery – Prioritizing Learner Engagement: Prioritize an LMS that offers a user-friendly interface that caters to the diverse learning styles and technical comfort levels of your frontline workforce. Mobile-first design and offline content accessibility are crucial features for busy frontline employees who may have limited access to computers during their shifts. Explore options that allow for multimedia content delivery (videos, interactive simulations, gamification elements) to keep learners engaged and optimize knowledge retention.

How can I solve common frontline training issues?

Struggling to create engaging content and keep your training program up-to-date? You’re not alone. Transform your approach with a frontline employee training platform designed for the modern workforce.
  • Scalability and ease of use: Choose a frontline training platform that grows with your organization and makes it simple to update training materials.
  • Mobile-first design: Prioritize a platform that lets employees learn on the go, fitting training into their busy schedules.
  • Focus on engagement: Deliver relevant, interactive content with features like microlearning to maximize knowledge retention.

Does iTacit offer course authoring within their frontline LMS?

Yes, iTacit includes intuitive eLearning authoring tools. You can design custom microlearning content that caters to your team’s specific needs – effortlessly combining text, images, videos, links, and even gamification features directly through our drag-and-drop interface.
Seamlessly integrate your existing training courses or explore a vast library of pre-built content thanks to iTacit’s SCORM compliance and compatibility with popular authoring tools like Articulate Storyline and Captivate.

Why use microlearning for frontline training?

On-demand, mobile microlearning is perfect for frontline employees because they are quick, personalized learning experiences optimized for busy schedules.Equip your employees with knowledge at their fingertips. Our frontline LMS puts focused, skill-building content directly into your team’s hands.
  • Higher engagement, better results: Microlearning boosts knowledge retention and keeps employees motivated.
  • Agile training development: Create and update training materials quickly to keep pace with your evolving needs.
  • Onboarding made easy: Streamline the process with accessible, mobile-friendly training that new hires can take on the go.

How do you measure the impact of frontline training?

Tacit’s frontline LMS streamlines the process of measuring frontline training impact built-in analytics to reveal how your team interacts with training content. Uncover trends, pinpoint potential bottlenecks, and track the success of mandated programs. Turn data into a roadmap for continuously improving your training approach and fostering a learning-oriented workforce..To improve results, leverage automated prompts, reminders, and personalized learning paths. Save time and ensure your team stays on track, freeing yourself to focus on strategic training initiatives.

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