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A platform for an engaged workforce:

Company culture starts with better engagement from hiring all the way through to employee retention. With iTacit, you can streamline recruiting, onboarding, training, and set performance goals and standards. Keep a finger on the pulse of your workforce.

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Career Center
Onboarding & Recruiting
 Surveys Performance Management

Includes “Connect” & “Educate” Features

A platform for an engaged workforce:

Includes “Connect” & “Educate” Features

Learning Management System (LMS)
A full featured LMS, iTacit supports courses using SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, PowerPoint,
Html, Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Audio, Video & PDF.
Career Center
Publish both external and internal opportunities on your branded website. Also, collect candidate information, application form responses, and resumes, all within the career center.
Candidate Database
Reduce the time it takes to fill new positions with a searchable database of candidates that have
previously applied to your job posts.
Applicant Management
Organize and rank favourable candidates using customizable flags. Quickly gauge candidate fit with a high-level overview of each applicant.
Onboarding Task Assignment &

Establish intake and onboarding workflows, ensuring that standard processes are followed with automation of activities, tasks and approvals. also enroll team members and send an automated or manual training reminder message.
Performance Management
Complete, assign, and manage performance reviews based on individual roles – for manager and/or self-assessment.
Automated Scheduling & Distribution
Reduce the manual effort associated with annual reviews. Schedule automated release and distribution of digital performance reviews.
Automated Performance
Tracking An easy to use performance management dashboard empowers managers with complete visibility of their team’s progress.
Comprehensive Surveys
Create a feedback loop with surveys targeted by role, team, or department. Customize a preset template or build your own.
Anonymous Surveys
Use staff satisfaction surveys to get anonymous, honest feedback.

Insights and Reports
Monitor trends and understand employee concerns with detailed response data and analytics. Share and collaborate results or export to Excel.

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A platform for every disconnected front-line employee.

From a single platform, iTacit puts complete visibility and management control at your fingertips.

It takes a great platform and great people to create a productive workplace and better employee experience.