Effective employee training software ensures your employees are equipped to do their best work.


The all-in-one tool for role-based training and compliance:

Equip your team with tools and training to excel, and watch them grow with the right online employee training software. iTacit’s employee training management software can help to reduce or eliminate in-person training, track compliance, and provide independent learning paths for employees.

Popular Features of iTacit’s Employee Training and Development Software

 Learning Management System
Course Authoring
 Automated Learning Paths
 Compliance Tracking

Includes “Connect” Features


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Everything you need from employee training software

Rather than utilizing a variety of disparate employee training solutions, iTacit puts everything you need for employee training, development, and compliance in one place. The all-in-one employee training app streamlines onboarding and training no matter where your team is working from.

Includes “Connect” Features

Employee training software benefits

Learning Management System (LMS)
A full-featured LMS, iTacit supports courses using SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, PowerPoint, HTML, Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Audio, Video & PDF. Employee training software puts all the tools and learning content your team needs to grow at their fingertips. Easily implement mobile employee training and track the training process for each individual.

Course Authoring
Create training content with a drag-and-drop content editor. Text, image, links, external training sources and video content can be easily formatted and previewed before publishing. Employees can easily access these online courses from anywhere.

Automated Learning Paths
Set up learning paths for specific user groups (roles, job positions, department, groups) with automatic enrolment to facilitate onboarding, annual mandatory training, and other recurring training. Improve engagement with employee training programs by offering role-based training and more.

eCommerce Integration
Add revenue and offset the cost of content with iTacit’s eCommerce functionality. Targeting can configure which paid courses and learning platforms are visible for employees depending on their role, location, or business unit. Optimize your training methods while keeping budget in mind,

Team and Compliance Tracking
See which employees are compliant and up-to-date with a built-in training tracker. Managers can also enroll team members and send an automated or manual training reminder message. Employee onboarding training software with compliance tracking streamlines this often tedious process and sets employees up for success.

Canned and Ad Hoc Reporting
Gain insight into all training and compliance information by training course, training program, role, job position, and department. Engage users with gamification and quizzes to make training employees more enjoyable for everyone involved.

File Viewer/Player
All images, videos, audio files, and documents are available in a central repository. Updating files in the media library will update all media references in training courses. Employee training software is a breeze to update so training can be continuous.

Supports Blended Learning
Users can experience all types of learning without compromise from a single employee training app. Waitlists, attendance tracking, and an LMS app help facilitate in-person and mobile-first training, all stored in a single transcript for easy access.

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