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employee ENGAGEMENT software for manufacturing

Manufacturing engagement made easy: revolutionize your manufacturing employee experience with iTacit.

Take complete control of every interaction your employees have with your company. An easy-to-use employee engagement solution for manufacturing business makes it easier for your front-line to get the job done, all while engaging everyone on a whole new level.

Onboarding made easy and effective

Automated workflows streamline your pre-onboarding and onboarding processes for new manufacturing employees. Show new hires you’re invested in their growth and well-being.

Optimize the employee experience (EX)

Leverage journey mapping and insightful surveys—among other powerful tools— to create a workplace where everyone feels valued.

Gather accurate Voice of Employee (VoE) surveys

Understand what drives your team. Deploy insightful Voice of Employee (VoE) surveys to uncover what truly motivates and satisfies your manufacturing employees.

Boost morale, reduce turnover

Use the tools and resources of our employee engagement software for manufacturing to elevate your employee’s morale and mental well-being. Foster loyalty and reduce churn.

What is an employee engagement software for manufacturing?

An employee engagement software for the manufacturing industry is a specialized software designed to help companies improve their manufacturing workers’ productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

Manufacturing workers are your employees who work in the field (i.e., retail associates, healthcare workers, delivery drivers, construction teams,) handle products, and/or interact directly with customers.

The employee engagement solution for manufacturing business focuses on communication, connection, and empowerment. Contrary to traditional communication tools or intranet software, manufacturing engagement apps are designed with the unique needs of deskless employees in mind.

From onboarding to receiving employee feedback, iTacit’s employee engagement software for the manufacturing industry gives your organization a holistic suite of tools to keep your team heard, engaged, and motivated.

How do you choose an employee engagement solution for your manufacturing business?

Not all employee engagement software for manufacturing are created equal, so how should you choose the right one for your business?

You shouldn’t just look for a list of features, but instead choose the app that’s the best match for what you want to achieve.

Firstly, you need to define your goals. What specific problems are you trying to solve? Are your organization currently facing communication issues, low morale, lack of feedback, high turnover, or other issues? What are your top priorities for improving the manufacturing employee experience? Think about connection, recognition, training, etc. How will you measure success? Decide what metrics matter – retention, survey scores, productivity, etc.

Then you should find the right fit. Do the app’s features align with your goals? If communication is key, look for robust messaging tools. If recognition is a priority, focus on reward features. Is it easy to use and mobile-friendly? Adoption depends on how easy the app is for your manufacturing workers to actually use. Does it offer the flexibility to adapt to your needs? Customization ensures it fits your workflow, not the other way around.

Lastly, check on their support and success. How will the vendor help you implement and drive adoption? A successful rollout needs a plan. What kind of ongoing support is available? Look for dedicated teams, not just FAQs. Does the app provide the data and analytics you need to track progress? Make sure you can measure the impact on your goals.


Spark engagement from day one, and keep it going

Automated HR Forms

Transform the tedious paperwork of your onboarding process into a smooth digital experience with our employee engagement software for the manufacturing industry. Get signatures quickly with digital sign-offs, streamline document tracking, and make it easier to onboard manufacturing workers who are working remotely.

Optimized Training Paths

Eliminate the overwhelm of onboarding with our employee engagement software for manufacturing workers. Structured training paths deliver need-to-know information in manageable chunks, boosting confidence and engagement.

Listen, Act, Improve

Leverage social intranet and messaging features to foster open communication and keep the feedback loop moving. Gather insights, address concerns, and show your team their input makes a difference.

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Poll Showing how to Measure Employee Experience with Software at iTacit


Visualize, manage, and optimize the employee journey

The right employee engagement software for manufacturing helps you actively manage your employee experience in several ways:

  1. Creating employee journey maps: Map out the key stages of your manufacturing workers’ journey, from onboarding to offboarding. This allows you to visualize the journey from the employee’s perspective, identify areas of miscommunication, friction, or unmet needs.
  2. Gather real-time feedback and data: Leverage surveys, polls, and various analytics tools to gain deeper insights into how manufacturing workers feel about different aspects of their work experience.
  3. Two-way communication: Facilitating ongoing dialogue with manufacturing employees to understand their needs and address concerns quickly. Keep everyone informed with company announcements and real-time updates, building trust and transparency.
  4. Recognition and celebration: Foster a culture of appreciation where employees feel valued at every step of their journey. Offer tangible incentives linked to positive behaviors and engagement throughout the employee journey.

An employee engagement platform for manufacturing workers is a powerful tool to help you listen, understand, and take action to continuously improve the employee journey across all touchpoints.


The practical guide to Employee Experience

Written by Gil Cohen, Founder of Employee Experience Design

How do you measure employee experience?

How do you improve employee experience?


You can’t change what you can’t measure

VOE (Voice of Employee) Diagram showing how to Improve Employee Engagement - iTacit

Voice of Employee (VoE) surveys accurately measure employee experience to help you understand how employees feel and what they’re looking for.

iTacit’s employee engagement software for manufacturing industry facilitates automated and targeted VoE surveys, so you can automatically send surveys after key events (onboarding completion, training, etc.) to specific departments, teams, or employees based on job role or location.

Employee engagement tools for manufacturing that are just easier.

Email-Free Messaging

Social Intranet

Flexible Surveys

Pulse Polls

Robust Targeting

Reports & Insights

Anonymous Surveys

Mobile and Desktop Access

Digital Notice Board

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From better mental health to boosted morale

Your employee engagement solution for manufacturing business can act as a centralized hub of well-being resources like stress management techniques, guided meditations, and useful articles. This proactive approach can help manufacturing workers combat stress and burnout to maintain their mental well-being.


Give your front-line the tools they need:

Ready to start communicating with your front-line teams with the best employee LMS app?


What are the features of iTacit’s employee engagement software for manufacturing over other solutions?

iTacit’s employee engagement solution for manufacturing business is a mobile platform designed to facilitate communication between manufacturing workers and the company—as well as with each other, simplify task management, and improve employee engagement.

The core features of iTacit’s employee engagement software for manufacturing industry: 

  • Mobile-first design: To accommodate deskless manufacturing workers, the manufacturing engagement platform is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets.
  • Company news, updates, and notice board: Keep your manufacturing workers up to date with announcements, social updates, and new policies.
  • Messaging: Facilitate real-time communication for teams or individual conversations.
  • Surveys and polls: Gather targeted real-time feedback for insights into manufacturing employees’ unique issues and satisfaction levels.
  • Recognition and rewards: Celebrate wins, milestones, and outstanding performance to boost morale.
  • Performance management tools: Keep track of progress against goals, offer feedback, and facilitate timely performance discussions.
  • Task management and checklists: Keep track of the completion of daily tasks, safety procedures, and other work items. 
  • Analytics and reports: Gain insights on app usage, survey results, and engagement metrics to track improvement over time.

              In short, the manufacturing engagement app aims to be a holistic solution that addresses the unique needs of manufacturing workforces.

              What are the key considerations when choosing an employee engagement software for manufacturing?

              When choosing an employee engagement software for manufacturing industry, it’s best to carefully consider these factors:

              • Features and functionality: Identify your specific needs and choose a manufacturing engagement app with features that address these needs, such as task management tools or training functionalities.
              • Ease of use: While ideally, you’d want a feature-rich app, it shouldn’t compromise accessibility and ease of use. The manufacturing engagement platform should be user-friendly for all manufacturing workers regardless of technical expertise.
              • Integration: Consider how the manufacturing engagement software integrates with your existing solutions and systems to avoid data silos.
              • Security and Data Privacy: Choose an app that prioritizes data security and ensures compliance with relevant regulations.
              • Scalability: Choose an employee engagement platform for manufacturing workers that could accommodate your future growth and adapt to your evolving needs.
              • Cost and ROI: You’d want the most affordable app that caters to your specific needs. Evaluate the app’s cost against the potential ROI while considering factors like reduced turnover and improved productivity.

              How does iTacit’s employee engagement software for manufacturing contribute to improving employee mental health and morale?

              The right employee engagement software for manufacturing industry can positively impact employee mental health and morale in several ways: 

              • Enhanced communication: By facilitating clear, transparent, and consistent communication, the app can improve relationships between leadership and manufacturing workers, reducing anxiety and fostering a sense of belonging and security. 
              • Streamlined workflows: Efficient task management can facilitate more efficient workflows, decreasing stress, improving work-life balance, and ensuring the mental well-being of employees. 
              • Recognition and appreciation: Intuitive peer-to-peer recognition features can improve engagement and boost the self-esteem of employees. Ultimately, this will lead to increased job satisfaction and a more positive work environment. 
              • Improved training and support: Accessible training resources can foster employees’ sense of growth and development, leading to increased confidence and motivation.
              • Sense of community: A proper employee engagement solution for manufacturing business can foster a sense of belonging and connection. This is especially beneficial for geographically dispersed (remote) teams, preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

              Can iTacit’s employee engagement software for manufacturing be used for both remote and in-person manufacturing employees?

              iTacit’s manufacturing employee engagement app is designed to be universally accessible, catering to the needs of both remote and in-person manufacturing workers with the following features:

              • Centralized communication platform: Keeps everyone informed and connected, regardless of location.
              • Mobile-first design: Ensures easy access and engagement for all employees, even those without dedicated workstations.
              • Offline functionality: Allows remote workers to access key information and complete tasks even with limited internet connectivity.
              • Flexibility and customization: Enables tailoring the app’s features and functionalities to the specific needs of diverse teams, both remote and in-person.

              iTacit understands that manufacturing workforces come in many forms, and its manufacturing engagement solution strives to bridge the gap and empower every type of manufacturing worker to be successful.

              How can iTacit’s employee engagement software for manufacturing help to manage the experience of my employees?

              iTacit’s employee engagement solution for manufacturing business can significantly improve an organization’s capability to improve its EX (employee experience) in several ways: 

              • Facilitating communication: manufacturing workers can easily connect with their peers and leadership. This fosters a sense of collaboration, inclusion, and transparency, all very important pillars of a positive EX.
              • Providing access to resources: The manufacturing engagement app can function as a centralized hub where employees can access training materials, procedures, and policies. The availability of resources and information empowers them to succeed in their work.
              • Recognizing achievements: With various features designed to facilitate top-down and peer-to-peer recognition, employees can experience a more positive work environment, leading to boosted morale and job satisfaction. 
              • Efficient gathering of feedback: manufacturing workers can easily use the app to provide their feedback and suggestions. They will feel that their voices are not only heard but valued, leading to a more positive EX.
              • Promoting transparency: Transparent communication and accessible information build a sense of transparency, inclusion, and trust between manufacturing workers and leadership.