Revolutionizing Employee Engagement: Insights from iTacit’s Second Webinar

Dec 20, 2023

At iTacit, we’re at the forefront of the dynamic intersection between technology and employee engagement. We not only aim to provide cutting-edge solutions, but we’re also dedicated to helping professionals understand the transformative power of the right technology in preparing organizations for the future.

In our second webinar, The Digital Revolution in Employee Engagement: How Technology Bolsters Connection, broadcast live on October 26th, Human Resources & Workforce Engagement Expert Leah Olsen welcomed Director of Accounts and Client Success, Sean Eidt, to the iTacit studio. 

The duo engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the evolving relationship between technology and employee engagement.

Key Takeaways

Embracing Technological Transformations

The workplace is undergoing profound changes, with technology evolving from a mere tool to an integral aspect of the work environment. Adapting to and understanding these transformations is crucial for meaningful engagement.

Challenges and Opportunities

Leah and Sean explored the dual nature of technology, emphasizing that while it enhances communication and connectivity, it also introduces challenges. Striking a balance between the digital and real-life aspects emerged as a central theme, underscoring the importance of creating a workplace where employees feel both connected and valued.

Strategies for Transparent Communication

Practical strategies and tools, including insights from Sean’s experience in the field, were shared to facilitate transparent communication in the digital workplace. The discussion focused on leveraging technology to bridge communication gaps and enhance overall dynamics.

Digital Communities for Connection

The hosts highlighted the significance of digital communities for both remote and in-office employees. Beyond professional collaboration, the discussion touched upon how these communities play a pivotal role in turning remote colleagues into real-life friends, building connections in a world where the digital and real-life aspects of employees converge.

Watch the Transformation Unfold

If you missed our first webinar, Transforming Employee Engagement: A Comprehensive Gameplan for Mid-Large Organizations, we strongly encourage you to catch up on the foundations of employee engagement. Click here to watch! 

Understanding the insights shared in the initial episode will complement the discussions in our ongoing series.

As iTacit reflects on the success of its second webinar, the anticipation builds for upcoming episodes:

  • Webinar 3 – 20 Essential Engagement Ideas: Empowering Your Team for Success
  • Webinar 4 – Creating a Thriving Workplace: Strategies for Happiness and Motivation

Stay tuned as iTacit continues to unravel the secrets to effective employee engagement. 

Connect with the hosts, Leah Olsen and Sean Eidt, to share your thoughts and be part of shaping the future of employee engagement. 

Teri Maltais
Teri Maltais

Specializing in digital marketing programs for industrial and commercial technology solutions.

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