Transforming Employee Engagement: A Recap of iTacit’s First Episode in Our Webinar Series

Dec 15, 2023

Employee engagement is critical for organizational success. At iTacit, we want to share our expertise and passion for employee engagement with as many people as possible.

Articles, videos, LinkedIn posts – we try to get the word out in as many ways as possible!

So we thought…what else can we do?

That’s why we recently kicked off our engaging webinar series with a deep dive into the realm of employee engagement

Hosted by Human Resources & Workforce Engagement Expert Leah Olsen, our webinar series kicked off on September 27th, with Transforming Employee Engagement: A Comprehensive Gameplan for Mid-Large Organizations.

Leah, along with Implementation Specialist & Customer Empowerment Expert, Brian Thompson, delved into the secrets that go beyond conventional engagement strategies.

Key Takeaways

Leah and Brian want you to know: Employee engagement is more than just routine activities. 

It’s about nurturing a workplace culture of connection, empowerment, and growth. Pizza parties and off-site activities are great – but real engagement is when your team feels valued, supported, and inspired to bring their best.

Engagement is Deeper Than Activities

Employee engagement isn’t a to-do list; it’s a commitment that runs through your company’s veins. Think of it as a shift from mundane tasks to meaningful connections. Unlike one-off activities, it’s an ongoing process, where your team feels valued every single day.

Inspiration Over Perks

It’s not always about flashy perks; it’s about inspiring your team daily. Let them bring their best selves to work, driven by purpose and a belief in their impact. It’s about creating a workplace where everyone is deeply connected, supported, and inspired.

A Framework for Action

Although engagement is deeper than activities, when you do activities, they should be rooted in your company’s engagement strategy. 

Here are five high-impact areas outlined in the webinar that resonate more deeply with your staff:

  1. ACTIVATE – Give Them Something to Do: Meaningful tasks boost engagement.
  2. CONNECT – Show You Care About Their Success: Genuine interest goes a long way.
  3. SUPPORT – Be A Coach, Not A Boss: Providing guidance and mentorship is crucial.
  4. ACKNOWLEDGE – Celebrate (Small) Wins: Recognition is a powerful motivator.
  5. INSPIRE – Create Opportunities for Growth: Encourage continuous development.

Behind the Scenes: iTacit’s Webinar Series

What sets iTacit’s webinar series apart is our commitment to a live and in-person format. Filming in-person allows us to infuse our content with energy, spontaneity, and genuine connection.

We also open up the floor to a live Q&A session so you can get involved and be engaged along with us!

As we recap the success of our first broadcast, we are excited to unveil what’s next. 

Our upcoming webinars will explore:

  • Webinar 2 – The Digital Revolution in Employee Engagement: How Technology Bolsters Connection
  • Webinar 3 – 20 Essential Engagement Ideas: Empowering Your Team for Success
  • Webinar 4 – Creating a Thriving Workplace: Strategies for Happiness and Motivation

Stay tuned as iTacit continues to unravel the secrets to effective employee engagement. Your journey to developing a motivated and inspired workforce is just beginning.

Connect with Leah Olsen to share your thoughts on the engagement topics that matter to you. Be part of the conversation and help shape the future of employee engagement.

Teri Maltais
Teri Maltais

Specializing in digital marketing programs for industrial and commercial technology solutions.

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