3 Ways to Digitize Employee Data Collection for 2024

Updated: May 9, 2024 | Published Jan 5, 2024

People analytics is potentially one of those terms you hear being thrown around, but haven’t looked into. You know about employee engagement, retention and alignment strategies, but what’s next?

Well, even in 2018, companies were planning on beefing up their employee information collection: A report stated that over 80% of polled businesses were rolling out new data collection action plans.

Now, businesses are aware of how useful internal data can be, using them to do everything from informing change decisions to auto-filling forms. And, thanks to the wealth of online literature surrounding privacy dos and don’ts, they also know to collect said information respectfully.

If you’re similar to many, you’re planning on boosting your employee data and analytics capabilities going into 2024. Let’s dive into how you can go about doing that with an employee app.

First: Use the digital employee information you’re already collecting

Before getting into how a new solution can be implemented in your data collection strategy, take a look at the information you’re currently gathering. You’d be surprised by how many businesses don’t use the valuable, high-impact data they’ve pulled in. As explained in Inside BigData,

Who better to have a clear view of the business landscape than the employees who toe the front lines every day?  What would change if disparate employees scattered throughout an organization suddenly had access to actionable data points?

These are the people positioned to actually make a tweak or optimization from the get-go. Whoever comes up with a data-informed strategy on a strong way forward, these are the people actually implementing it. But an organization-level awareness of an actionable data point doesn’t necessarily equate to action.

Don’t let the submitted surveys and sign-offs sit there unused. They could play a part in your automation roadmap or highlight processes that could be sped up.

How to track compliance and internal data with an employee app

Here are a few of the big ways businesses can gather employee-generated resources using an app:

1. Forms & checklists

You’d be amazed by how many processes use these documents. New hires bring a laundry list of paperwork alone, and routine tasks like site safety checks require sign-offs not just to comply with regulations but to also show managers who was there, did they follow the process, etc.

And automating forms and checklists in-app to send directly to a manager upon completion is only one of the many ways they can be digitized and speed up processes, too.

Turning day-to-day paperwork into searchable, valuable resources is a huge win for employers.

2. A social intranet

In the case of employee apps, this notice board typically bundles in messaging, picture/video posts, alerts, documents and more. An intranet doesn’t have to be confined to playing the role of a digital water cooler though.

Always-on knowledge hubs can display who is engaging with what material and when – two useful bits of information to have. For example: Knowing how many members of a particular team completed a certain module or survey can notify managers that maybe they need to boost education and engagement efforts.

Polls are casual, effective ways for gathering information as well. Built-in reporting/analytics tools and automated workflows should funnel these results to the people who understand them best, too.

3. Compliance tracking

Managers how easy it is to lose an important signature or piece of paper. You’ve been filing things away, but burn time trying to pull up a document when it’s needed! Employee sign-offs and reports can be infinitely more useful when they’re uploaded and mobile-friendly.

Sticking with the running theme here, take this information you’re already collecting and funnel it into a digital resource, instead. It’s never too late to start building up an engaging digital workplace for your employees.

Leveraging employee information in your mobile workplace

So, now that you’ve had a peek into three ways to collect employee data, it’s time to put them in action.

If you approach this as another way to jump into a more mobile-friendly workplace for remote and in-office teams alike, digitizing a process like data collection is a no-brainer.

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Cameron Squance
Cameron Squance
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