How Shannex’s employee app streamlined their operational response time.

VP of Operations, Catherine MacPherson explains how iTacit helped them combat COVID-19

The Shannex community network extends across more than individual buildings. Senior VP of Operations, Catherine MacPherson, explains how iTacit helped their corporate pandemic response team to scale efforts and connect 4500+ employees with the latest information.

Operational Response Plan

The single biggest operational challenge for Shannex was preventing the virus from getting in the door.

As a long-term care community facing the initial threat of COVID-19, Senior VP of Operations, Catherine MacPherson explains that the single biggest operational challenge for Shannex was preventing the virus from getting in the door, be it the front door for visitors or back door for staff. Mitigating the spread of infection was equally challenging.

Quick Stats

4500 Employees

senior living industry leaders

multi-site network

Corporate Pandemic Response

Catherine’s team initiates pandemic response and emergency communication teams.

In response to COVID-19, Shannex stood up a pandemic response team and an emergency communication team, each implementing new protocols such as daily site check-ins and a daily bulletin.

The team set the expectation that iTacit would be the primary channel for employees to check each day before coming to work.



Coordinated response capacity

Clear, honest and timely communication keeps Shannex’s 4,500-plus team members informed and engaged as they work on the front lines to protect more than 4,300 residents in retirement and long-term care communities across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario in response to COVID-19.  Shannex credits the use of iTacit’s employee software with its ability to stay connected with its teams during such challenging times.

Covid-19 Courses

New Conversations

Total course completions/ 4mos


Enterprise connectivity

The iTacit desktop portal and employee app, branded Shannex Connects, is the organization’s primary connection to employees.  With this connectivity, employees can access available support, key information and get the answers to their questions.


Resident family communication

Shannex has initiated a pilot of iTacit Family which extends communication to resident friends and families which has been postitively received.


The use of iTacit was a critical component of our COVID-19 response, It was imperative that every employee received correct information. In an employee base this large, information needs to be timely, not passed from one person to another – with a feedback loop built-in.

Catherine MacPherson, Senior Vice President, Operations


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