iTacit Moves Head Office to Accommodate Expanding Growth of Workforce Software

Updated: May 9, 2024 | Published Oct 1, 2020


iTacit, a New Brunswick-based tech company whose platform connects employees and leaders to the tools they need, has expanded to a new office to accommodate its growing client list and staff.

“It’s an important step in our organization’s growth,” explains iTacit President and COO Luke Megarity. “Our team is expanding with new talent, and our customer base continues to appreciate new capabilities and functionalities we’re adding.”

iTacit has recently bolstered several departments, including development, marketing and client success teams.

Earlier in the year, iTacit introduced QuickLaunch – an initiative taken to help companies roll out their platform faster in response to COVID-19. Since then, their app has brought on several new key features, recently adding forms and checklist-building capabilities, automated processes and workflows for managers.

“Our goal is always to create an employee experience that is simple to use for end-users but robust for managers and administrators,” Megarity states. “With these new functions, we’re delivering a better value and feature-packed platform than ever before.”

iTacit’s client-base is growing as well, with industry-leading names like Medavie Health Services, Royal Bank, Assumption Life and the Province of New Brunswick’s Innovation and eHealth Services among their client roster.

With a strong background in the healthcare, banking and government industries, the company has been attracting inquiries from other fields as well.

“Demand has absolutely boomed,” says iTacit’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Teri Maltais. “We [iTacit] came into this year with a vision to expand our scope and reach across various new markets. And that vision is coming to fruition.”

Holding a strong position in the North American market, iTacit has been fielding calls with more demand for digital workplaces and the digitization of the employee experience.

“In the end, it’s not just a building,” continues Megarity. “Our company is growing by helping employers to build a more resilient workforce and modern work environment.”

About iTacit:

iTacit is a frontline workforce communication app that enables employers to improve employee engagement by simplifying communication and making it easy to reach employees on their own devices. This eliminates the need for company-wide email systems while promoting an active, team-based environment. iTacit connects your workforce to better employee experience. From workforce communication, social engagement, training and onboarding, iTacit puts everything your front-line needs at their fingertips.

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