Digital coordination from hiring to onboarding.

Nonprofit employee onboarding software that makes life easier for managers and human resource teams.

Recruitment Management

Keep the talent search running smoothly with automatic workflows for recruitment requests and career postings.

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What is nonprofit onboarding software?

Nonprofit onboarding software helps companies streamline the process of hiring new employees by automating tasks that were previously done manually. It also makes it easier for new hires to start working immediately after being hired.

A holistic nonprofit onboarding platform helps organizations streamline the process of hiring new employees by providing tools to make the transition easier. It also allows managers to track employee progress from recruitment through the onboarding process.

Here’s how to choose nonprofit onboarding software for your business:

Before choosing any type of nonprofit onboarding system, evaluate what features you need. Do you need a solution that will help with employee training, compliance or HR management? What kind of data do you need to track? Are there any special requirements for your business?

It’s also important to consider whether you want a standalone nonprofit onboarding software that integrates with your applicant tracking systems or an ATS that manages the entire recruitment process, from screening candidates to onboarding them as full-time employees.

The Best Nonprofit Onboarding Software

The best nonprofit onboarding software streamlines the entire recruitment and onboarding process. At iTacit, our nonprofit onboarding solution helps your team:


Leverage applicant tracking tools

Easily view and rank applicant progress at every step.

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Optimize hiring with better data

Apply employee and activity data to recruitment and hiring outcomes.

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Integrate digital onboarding

Make onboarding part of the hiring process and automate forms, training, and socialization.

Automate pre-boarding and onboarding ->

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nonprofit onboarding SOFTWARE TOOLS

Overhaul your hiring process – starting with recruitment requests.

In most organizations, managers need approval to hire. Streamlining hiring starts with a digital process for recruitment requests. iTacit works behind the scenes to facilitate activities and required approvals, so managers and HR teams can collaborate to find the right qualified candidate instead of sifting through job applications.

Recruitment Requests

Applicant Database

Career Postings

Approval Workflows

Engage employees on their first day – and every day.

The data you’re already collecting from surveys to performance reviews can help you find the best new hires. Nonprofit onboarding software helps enhance the employee experience from their very first day and you’re able to use that data to enhance your hiring. 

Employee Onboarding Remotely with iTacit Software


What if it was easier to pick the best candidates?

Today, job listings are information overload for the average person. Reduce the noise and get their attention with communications targeted to each job seeker or employee. The segmentation and targeting options are endless, and the candidate experience is tailored to the individual.

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Recruit internally & externally

Spotlight career development opportunities for team members and bring in new hires with recruiting tools.

Build a pool of applicants

Easily form a roster of eligible candidates and sort through applications in real time.

Rank candidates

At a glance, managers can assess candidate fit and rank by factors such as skill or experience to reduce the time it takes to fill an open position.

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Onboarding success starts before day one.

Setting a new hire up for success starts before they do. To help make newcomers feel fully ready and integrated into the new culture and role, you need to get them the information and nonprofit onboarding tools they need, before they need them.


Give your front-line the tools they need:

Nonprofit Onboarding Software FAQs

Have more questions about nonprofit onboarding software? We’re here to help!


What are the benefits of using nonprofit onboarding software?

Investing in the best nonprofit onboarding software is the key to enhancing the employee onboarding experience. It starts your relationship with a new employee off on the right foot and streamlines the time it takes your hiring team to fill an open position.

Nonprofit onboarding software engaged new team members from the start. At the same time, it can streamline the recruiting and hiring process so you can fill an open role quickly to help your team remain as productive as possible.

What businesses can use nonprofit onboarding software?

The truth is, every business can benefit from nonprofit onboarding software. Whether you struggle with perfecting job descriptions and finding qualified candidates or want to set up new team members for success, iTacit can help.