iTacit Is Partnering With Seaboard Transport Group, a North American Force in Transportation

Dec 16, 2019

Having fostered a strong culture of safety, reliability, and professionalism for more than 55 years, Seaboard’s employees are dedicated and committed to upholding the highest standards in safety, environmental stewardship, quality management, education and training, technology, and professional development.

Due to Seaboard’s focus on delivering safety and continuous improvement, they value educational training needs as a priority for their people.

Seaboard is working with iTacit’s team and the robust LMS platform to innovate how training content is created, delivered, and managed. As a company focused on constant improvement and management of their quality and service programs, iTacit’s platform analytics will help optimize Seaboard’s training-related processes.

Everyone here at iTacit is excited to welcome the Seaboard team!

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