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iTacit and the Canadian Mental Health Association are Partnering Up

Updated: Nov 21, 2023 | Published Feb 10, 2020

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), the nation-wide champion for mental well-being, is partnering with iTacit!







Working tirelessly to give people the help they need, the CMHA was founded in 1918 and prides itself on being a community for all. Its resources and programs are relied on for both the recovery from and prevention of mental illnesses.

As an association that has to distribute policies and updates frequently to members, the CMHA was looking for a mobile, robust solution that could answer its content and internal communications needs.

With iTacit, the CMHA can package its training and policy distribution all into one app-based hub.

We look forward to helping the Canadian Mental Health Association continue to be the valuable resource for Canadians that it is!

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