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Medavie Connects 2400-plus Employees to Resources & Training

Updated: Nov 21, 2023 | Published Sep 14, 2020

iTacit is excited to announce our evolving partnership with Medavie Health Services, a healthcare delivery company with a national reach and reputation.


Committed to providing reliable, crucial services, Medavie Health Services NB and Ambulance New Brunswick are already reaching over 2,400 employees via iTacit to offer the latest education, training and content.

Championing a culture of innovative and open-minded professionalism, Medavie Health Services are constantly offering their staff opportunities to learn and grow, giving them even more ways to serve the communities they help and branch into other paths.

Working with iTacit, Medavie Health Services is leveraging a robust Learning Management System to continue educating their workforce with quality in-house content.

Distributing resources and training by specific employee roles or locations, iTacit is a branded, mobile hub for all their needs.

Our partnership with Medavie Health Services continues to evolve as we build a productive and engaging digital workplace together. 

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