How to Attract Gen Z Employees

Updated: Nov 21, 2023 | Published Oct 17, 2022

Have you ever wondered how your organization can attract younger generations? Because – honestly – that’s a valid question to ask… and wouldn’t you love to know!

Coming from a Gen Z (aka: myself), we seem to have very different mindsets than the older generations. So let me explain, from my perspective, what Gen Z expects from their employer in future of work.

Is your company ready for us?

Flexibility Through Technology

First off, as I’m sure you’re all aware, Gen Z comes from a world of technology. Now I may not be the most tech savvy if my computer were to break, but let me tell you: I know my way around social media and so does the rest of Gen Z. We want the most cutting-edge technology. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. 

We are used to these tools being right at our fingertips on a daily basis. Having them in our workplace is essential. This also contributes to a more flexible work schedule. 

Now if you say the words “flexible schedule” to any Gen Z, consider them a new employee at that point. We’re hired. Who doesn’t want the option to work from home? We want the option to work anywhere at any time. Gen Z truly values their personal lives just as much as their professional ones. So I would take these two points into consideration if you were to ask me. 

Well-Being at Work

Now this one I can’t stress enough: Gen Z truly does believe in work-life balance and personal well-being. 

When I look at job postings, my eyes scan straight to the benefits. Do I get paid time off?  Mental health days? Does this company create a sense of community? With mental health being such an open topic of discussion nowadays, we have really grown fond of taking lots of self care days or just being more aware of our well being. 

Social media has definitely advanced these thoughts considering a lot of mental health problems are formed from social media. Luckily, there are so many influencers that have spoken out on certain areas of mental health which has allowed us to break the stigma around it. 

Gen Z is probably the most open and vulnerable generation so far and we highly value that, hence our workplace should as well. 

The Voice of Gen Z

Freedom of thought is also a major point we put high on our list when thinking about our wants and needs for a job. Many employers overlook the newbies way more than they should, we are seen as inexperienced and lazy. But that’s where they go wrong. 

We are constantly in the loop of what’s going on all around the world which allows us to always be ahead of the curve. We have extremely high enthusiasm and, when you combine the two, you’re in for a treat. 

We come up with fresh new ideas and out-of-the-box ways of thinking. Always remember to acknowledge our points of view. 

Transparent and Genuine Culture

Another point to take into consideration is a transparent work culture. Gen Z is quite in tune with ourselves and very observant. We have no problem in standing up for our beliefs even if it costs us the job. I know, it sounds kind of crazy. 

We crave real validation and, at the end of the day, if our employer can’t be 100% transparent with us, we don’t want it. We need someone who will provide us with a confidence boost to keep our productivity high.  

Gen Z is highly motivated in the workplace by different aspects (yes i’m talking other than the paycheck). We expect respect and purpose. These two factors motivate us quite easily. We want to grow and progress in our careers. We always look for jobs where our talents can shine and where we know we will excel. But a big factor is also having a manager who sees us and values that. 

We set very high standards for ourselves and want to achieve big goals in short periods of time. We move at a fast pace which makes us independent. Collaboration is obviously important to us as well, but social media has given the opportunity to be “social” online which has made us be more self-sufficient.  

Gen Z is Already Shaping the Future of Work

These are my suggestions to make your workplace more Gen Z friendly, and to allow you to expand your company with some fresh faces. We will bring a new set of values to the community and show you a new meaning of hard work. 

I promise we won’t let you down.

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Kirsten DeLay

Kirsten DeLay

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