Hiring and Onboarding in Digital Workplaces

Mar 3, 2021

Hiring and onboarding new employees is different in digital workplaces. Just think: How have the recent shifts towards digital affected your organization’s approach to hiring and training?

Working with clients throughout the hiring and onboarding phases – and the rest of their employees’ lifecycle – I know how important this time is for everyone. Whether it’s a slow, long time or a quick and exciting first week, it’s great when you’ve started a new job and don’t have any questions left unanswered.

I’ll be highlighting key points that can help with hiring and successfully onboarding employees into their new digital workplaces when using an employee app. Let’s get into things.


Revisiting the Hiring and Training Process in Digital Workplaces

The biggest challenge for teams has always been to find the exact fit for a vacancy. Thankfully, over the past 20 years the internet has certainly made posting job openings easier..

In a digital workplace though, the face-to-face interview is becoming a rarer thing.

Now, we’re all seeing a mix of staff working remotely, maybe even in different time zones, or in the office sporadically. Because of all of this, digital communication like video calls and eLearning like digital skilling have never been more integrated into the workplace.

From an onboarding perspective, when it comes to getting new staff up to speed, digital training solutions take centre stage. For leaders without a direct line to their front-line staff, this helps them bring new-hires into the company’s culture and guarantee that training is going to be delivered regularly.


Our Recruiting tool includes Postings, Candidates Review and in-depth tracking of each step of the process.


Wading Through the Candidate Pool

When it’s turned digital, the screening process can pack in useful features that will bring in a stronger candidate pool. Thanks to candidate ranking being automated now as a rule for solutions, HR teams have so much extra time to play with the other new tools at their disposal, too.

Candidate Ranking

Ranking can typically be sorted/measured by:

  • Resume keywords
  • Education level
  • Skills
  • Experience level

And for candidates who are ultimately not hired, they can be tracked and ranked with the employee app and their records are kept for future opportunities. They’ll be cross referenced with the new job openings to efficiently pair the position’s required competencies with their skills.



Automation for Streamlined Hiring

The use of automation throughout the hiring process is on the rise in the workplace. From ranking and sorting of skills to the use of automated resume and cover letter screening, HR managers are to harnessing the power of AI to make the talent process as efficient as possible.

This brand of tools saves recruitment and hiring teams hours of work, while finding them the best candidates.

Another useful tool used by digital-savvy HR teams are pre-recorded videos. Instead of making first-contact by email or a phone call, they’re instead requesting that the candidate answer a series of video questions. These are recorded automatically after allowing the potential candidate some time to plan out their response.

The recruiter only has to view the recordings to make a good judgment whether or not the candidate can go to the next round. This way, they gain time as they avoid repetitive introductions and small talk that come with traditional meetings.

Digital Interview Process

While face-to-face interviews are great for allowing the candidate and hiring team to gauge the ‘fit’, digital interviews can be equally as effective if used correctly.

We know that nonverbal behaviour, like body language, can be difficult to read through video conversations. But like many things – as one door closes, another opens!

Video calls give everyone dedicated and uninterrupted room to speak. For this reason, video interviews can be more focused and efficient.

There are a few other important considerations to ensure a productive interview in a digital environment.:

3 tips for conducting an effective digital interview

    1. Dress appropriately and set up your space to reflect a professional and clean atmosphere.
    2. Reflect the company culture and values through choice of background, lighting and through the use of appropriate and professional language.
    3. Understand that body language can be difficult to read through digital interviews. Give the candidate plenty of time to speak and avoid any awkward e-interruptions.

Hiring for front-line staff poses specific challenges in a predominantly digital workplace. For certain positions, it may be a great idea to have a mix of the hiring team on a video interview (for example, people from HR staff as well as floor managers). This could help show the spirit of the position more openly.


Value Added Onboarding

Once the chosen candidate has been put through the digital hiring process, next comes a very thorough and successful onboarding process. Getting new-hires prepared, trained and integrated into the team are crucial when shooting for a successful start.

In a digital workplace, new hires may never have the chance to meet their colleagues face-to-face. Digital training, from culture to company history, as well as digital team-building can be a great help to build team rapport.

For the front-line and workers in the field, a digital training solution becomes essential when leaders don’t have a direct line to their staff. Managers can dispatch training, view the status of specific modules, and respond immediately to any questions or concerns.


Feedback Throughout Employee Onboarding

The new employee seems to be fitting in well and performing nicely – so what’s next? Even though all of the lights may be green, it’s still a good idea to use a routine performance feedback system to make sure newcomers happy, engaged and feeling like they’re part of the team!

Continuous performance evaluation throughout the early phases for a new employee can bring in some valuable information and feedback. Addressing any problems that pop up before they get more serious, as well as developing a two-way feedback stream, will give your company’s new hire everything they need to excel.


Digital Hiring From Start to Finish

Effective hiring and onboarding in a digital workplace certainly poses specific challenges that are unique from traditional in-person environments. With the help of technology, managers and HR teams can have a clear overall picture of the entire process – and ensure that they find the best fit for the job.

Sean Eidt
Sean Eidt
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