Healthcare communication solutions to help achieve compliance, recruit, and train for better patient outcomes

Balancing patient care with healthcare compliance training and operations.

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Evolving compliance requirements require controlled healthcare communication software.

Healthcare is an industry unlike any other, and it requires tailored healthcare communication tools. 

Operating multiple facilities with 24/7 teams in a heavily-regulated environment requires a healthcare learning management system that balances patient care with the most up-to-date information, training, and more. Healthcare facilities need to find solutions to address staff shortages, high turnover, budget restrictions, new process integrations, and real-time communication all while maintaining regulatory compliance.

With the right solution in place, it’s possible to prioritize employee engagement in healthcare to improve compliance training, communications and the patient experience.

Here’s what the best healthcare compliance training can help your organization do:

Manage and control employee communications to assure adherence to HIPAA

Improve standards for patient care, data and systems with a healthcare LMS

Assure regulatory compliance
Address the staff shortages and high turnover rates that are inherent challenges with 24/7 staffing
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Form Automation for Healthcare

Digitize operation-critical processes in your healthcare organization.

Not all compliance audit tools in healthcare are created equal. From HR processes to employee data collection, iTacit’s built-in form builder and automation workflows allow healthcare teams to eliminate paper-based processes. 

From tracking stock to auditing performance outcomes, paperless forms and checklists mean every process is traceable without manual data input. Streamline processes and ensure your healthcare workers are completing the paperwork and training necessary to remain in compliance.

Secure Staff Communication Channels

Build a culture of accountability and excellence in patient care

Control employee communication and ensure HIPAA compliance with a suite of healthcare communication tools and training features that enable full visibility and tracking. The right hospital communication software connects your team which is essential for prioritizing patient safety and creating a strong workplace culture.

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Learning Management for Healthcare

Implement a healthcare LMS and automate learning paths for each role

Alert staff and management when training is due (or past due) with a fully functional Learning Management System (LMS) and automated learning path for each role. iTacit is a healthcare learning management systems vendor that understands the type of learning experience and training programs medical professionals need. Don’t settle for a standard LMS when an LMS for medical professionals is readily available.

Workflow Automation & Onboarding

Automate onboarding best practices for nursing, clinical & care staff

Establish intake and onboarding workflows for nursing, clinical and care staff, ensuring that standard processes are followed with the automation of activities, tasks, and approvals. Help improve the experience for your employees from the start. This crucial first step helps improve employee retention while also enhancing the patient care experience.

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Introduce a career center for internal and external recruiting

Enable flexible, 24/7 staffing with your branded career center, then manage candidates and automate your onboarding process through our recruiting module. Fast, more accurate onboarding can help your healthcare organization adapt to the rising demand for medical professionals.

Recruiting Tools:

The total package for an engaged workforce

Career Center Publish both external and internal opportunities on your branded website. Also, collect candidate information, application form responses, and resumes, all within the career center.
Candidate Database Reduce the time it takes to fill new positions with a searchable database of candidates that have previously applied to your job posts.
Applicant Management Organize and rank favourable candidates using customizable flags. Quickly gauge candidate fit with a high-level overview of each applicant.
Onboarding Task Assignment & Approval Establish intake and onboarding workflows, ensuring that standard processes are followed with automation of activities, tasks and approvals.
Performance Management Tools:
Performance Management Complete, assign, and manage performance reviews based on individual roles – for manager and/or self-assessment.
Automated Scheduling & Distribution Reduce the manual effort associated with annual reviews. Schedule automated release and distribution of digital performance reviews.
Automated Performance Tracking An easy to use performance management dashboard empowers managers with complete visibility of their team’s progress.
Survey Tools:
Comprehensive Surveys Create a feedback loop with surveys targeted by role, team, or department. Customize a preset template or build your own.
Anonymous Surveys Use staff satisfaction surveys to get anonymous, honest feedback.
Insights and Reports Monitor trends and understand employee concerns with detailed response data and analytics. Share and collaborate results or export to Excel.

Training Tools:

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Training Tools:
Learning Management System (LMS) A full featured LMS, iTacit supports courses using SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, PowerPoint, Html, Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Audio, Video & PDF.
Course Authoring Create training content with a drag and drop content editor. Text, image, links, external training sources and video content can be easily formatted and previewed before publishing.
File Viewer/Player All images, videos, audio files and documents are available in a central repository. Updating files in the media library will update all media references in training courses.
Automated Learning Paths Set-up learning paths for specific user groups (roles, job positions, department, groups) with automatic enrollment to facilitate onboarding, annual mandatory training and other recurring training.
Team and Compliance Tracking See which employees are compliant and up-to-date, or those with past due training. Managers can also enroll team members and send an automated or manual training reminder message.
Canned and Ad Hoc Reporting Gain insight into all training and compliance information by training course, training program, role, job position, and department.
Communication Tools:

Communication Tools:

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Everything you need to begin connecting your workforce:

Notice Board Designed to keep employees informed and engaged, targeted Notice Board posts and polls reach employees with content that’s relevant to their role.
Social Engagement Secure and monitor your team’s social activities. Notice Board social collaboration features can be enabled on posts to allow “Likes” and moderated comments.
Instant Feedback Polls One question surveys enable quick feedback, whether it’s about a recent staff meeting or a company picnic. Opt to show results immediately or restrict to admin view only.
Role-Based File Access Policies and important documents should be easy to find, always up-to-date and easy to engage with. Target and categorize files within a searchable library that is easy to manage.
PDF Fillable Forms Frequently used direct deposit slips, tax forms and other important forms can be completed directly within the iTacit app via fillable PDFs.
Direct and Role-Based Messaging Connect with employees without relying on messy email distribution lists. The optional messaging tool includes direct and role-based sending, with or without attachments.
Compliance Tracking Analytics on all communication ensures that your company’s compliance requirements are fully met.
Analytics/Usage Reports Including a comprehensive view of each employee and their engagement; analytics and usage reports provide insight into the effectiveness of communication efforts.

A platform for hospital, clinic and long-term care teams.

From a single platform, iTacit puts complete visibility and management control at your fingertips.


Improved communications and transparency leads to enhanced employee engagement.

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CEO messages, time-sensitive posts, and important announcements reach the audience more effectively than before thanks to push notifications.


Enhanced Employee Learning

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