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Updated: Feb 28, 2024 | Published Apr 16, 2020

With the global health crisis driving companies to rapidly improve communication processes and training for front-line and temporarily remote workforces, iTacit today announced that they can put their front-line employee communication software to work for companies in just two days with the introduction of iTacit QuickLaunch.

“The current COVID-19 situation has highlighted a pain point for companies with disconnected employees, particularly those whose front-line teams lack email,” explains Luke Megarity, iTacit’s President and COO.

“We’ve had many company leaders approach us to share that they cannot reach a large sector of their company with critical updates or that training on mobile is now mission critical.

iTacit developed QuickLaunch to lift the barrier of implementation time for companies that need the functionality of an employee communication app to deal with the rapidly changing situation on their front-line.

“Front-line workers are having new information and processes thrown at them – which needs to be communicated quickly and clearly. We recognized our ability to help companies reach their people in very short order, just when they need it most,” continues Megarity.

iTacit QuickLaunch allows companies to connect front-line and temporarily remote workforce with the information they need, including critical updates, new training and processes. The web-based solution includes an administration portal, with accompanying app and web login that can be extended to every employee and is accessible on any device.

QuickLaunch is being offered to companies with a lower price point and flexible terms for the first 90-days of roll-out. The 48-hour implementation is available for the platform’s Connect suite with the ability to upgrade after the initial launch.

iTacit is an intuitive mobile workforce employee app and desktop communication software platform that enhances front-line employee productivity. The market-leading employee communication app is widely used across healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, construction and retail industries.

iTacit technology is used by over 100,000 people across more than 600 sites globally.

Read the full release on Newswire: https://www.newswire.com/news/itacit-introduces-quicklaunch-helping-companies-launch-an-employee-21129284?_ga=2.173442595.1804211354.1586893661-797260030.1586787705&_gac=1.229371304.1586958142.EAIaIQobChMIpseO2sfq6AIVip-fCh3v6A0AEAAYASAAEgIffPD_BwE

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Teri Maltais

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