Assumption Life, a Canadian Leader in Financial Planning, Is Partnering With iTacit!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023 | Published Dec 4, 2019

As one of the top-ranked employers for engagement, employee experience and job satisfaction in the country, it’s clear that Assumption Life agrees with us on the importance of acknowledging the achievements of our employees and helping them develop their careers.

Understanding that their people are their strongest assets, the Assumption Life leadership team is constantly working towards offering the best workplace culture and opportunities that they can. Employee engagement is a particular focus in 2020, and their team recognizes that it’s more crucial than ever to give employees the training, tools and support they need to succeed.

Going forward, iTacit and Assumption Life will work together to refine their employee experience even more, forming a hub with streamlined communication, training and resources. They’re also planning on an updated onboarding process – all powered by iTacit.

We’re excited for what Assumption Life will accomplish next and are looking forward to helping them find new, dynamic uses for our employee experience management platform.

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