5 Essential Form Templates to Digitize Operations

Jan 5, 2021

At almost every level of businesses, we’re hunting for ways to speed things up and streamline tasks. With the move from paper to digital trending up, digitizing operations processes is one of the best ways to do that in 2021, and with our forms templates that’s easier than ever.

Forms Templates to Get You Started

To help you jump from paper-based forms for your front-line teams, drivers and technicians, here are 5 must-have forms and checklists templates to digitize operations.

1. Service Report Form Template

Whenever a technician goes out into the field to perform a repair or service, it’s important to log what happens. Were parts ordered? Will there be a second visit needed?

Give your field team the ability to submit this routine form on their smartphone or tablet instead of printing, filling out and scanning a paper-based form.


2. Daily Safety Inspection Checklist

Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance: When employees are working out-of-office at a worksite, routinely checking over the location to ensure it complies with safety regulations is a must.

Packing this daily checklist onto your employees’ mobile devices allows them to begin, resume and submit this report throughout the day.

3. Daily PPE Checklists

Personal protective equipment (PPE) allows employees to get their jobs done safely. Whether it’s in a construction, lab or industrial setting, fill out this checklist before working to know that everyone is properly equipped.

4. Delivery Confirmation Form

Signing off to confirm that a delivery was completed is important for not just the customer, but also for compliance and operations processes.

Digitize this step for drivers into a mobile form with our form template.

5. COVID-19 Screening Form

The pandemic has changed how we look at almost part of the workplace. Screening forms are essential to keep COVID-19 away from employees and their families.

Use this form to screen out potential cases and give your employees directions towards the next step if they fit the criteria.

Digitizing operations with these forms templates is a huge opportunity

There are so many applications and use cases for digitized forms and checklists. When using these templates, picture how you could use your organization’s employee app to transition from paper-based, traditional approaches.

Moving your employees’ routine tasks to a digital platform can bring a multitude of boosts and benefits to your company. From speeding up the workday and increasing productivity, to minimizing the risks associated with paper documents, the opportunity for operations is there for digitization.

Cameron Squance
Cameron Squance

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